Great talent is an integral part of what makes DSI special. Our emphasis on technical innovation, teamwork, and creativity drives our ambitious team to deliver valuable services to our customers throughout the Southwest.

We are always looking to add new team members to the DSI family. Without the services of our highly qualified technicians, engineers, and customer support staff, we would never have been able to become New Mexico’s most respected managed service provider.

New Mexico residents who have IT experience and great communication skills have much to gain from applying for a position with DSI. Working with the most reputable provider of office technology solutions in New Mexico comes with benefits that few managed service vendors can compete with.

DSI’s careers in New Mexico offer applicants a chance to be a part of an extraordinary working environment. Our technicians routinely work on some of the most challenging issues in the office environment, and get to implement cutting-edge technology doing so.

Working with DSI is both challenging and deeply rewarding.

DSI Offers Industry-Leading Benefits Packages

Job seekers looking for careers in New Mexico can make the most of their search by applying for DSI. Our compensation packages include highly motivational salaries alongside a broad range of benefits:

  • Tuition Reimbursement. We encourage employees to further their education and to use knowledge to improve themselves. We will reimburse their tuition fees to enable them to achieve this.
  • Paid Time Off. Paid vacations are the best defense against employee burnout and workplace stress. DSI employees accrue paid time off with regular working hours.
  • Medical and Dental Insurance. Our team members enjoy comprehensive healthcare benefits – both for themselves and their families.
  • President’s Trip Vacations. The very best DSI performers earn VIP vacations to exotic locations at company expense – no strings attached.
  • Productivity Bonuses. Employees who beat department-specific performance benchmarks earn attractive productivity bonuses.
  • 401(K) Matching. DSI matches employee 401(k) contributions. We believe our employees deserve comfortable, stress-free retirement.
  • Excellent Communication Skills. We place communication skills high on our list of desirable attributes for employees, looking for people who understand how to establish robust foundations for productive relationship with one another.
  • Ambition to Help the Local Community. Every dollar that DSI makes stays in New Mexico. We participate in corporate sponsorship for a variety of public institutions and faith-based organizations aimed at improving the lives of New Mexico residents in need.
  • Keen Interest in Cutting-Edge Technology. We’re all about technology at DSI, and we expect our employees to be as well. If you feel at home talking shop on the latest network infrastructure protocols or business software solutions, the DSI team is the perfect place for you.
  • Desire for Self-Improvement. We place great emphasis on getting things right for our customers the first time – but experience shows that unforeseen events can set even the best-laid plans off-track. This is when our focus on improvement makes a major difference, illustrating our dedication to make things right.

What Working with DSI Is Really Like

At DSI, we know that company culture matters. While we offer competitive compensation packages, today’s best applicants know that finding a company that fits your goals, objectives, and personality is what truly demonstrates value in the hiring process.

DSI strives to serve as a platform for employees to leverage their skills and qualifications into solutions that can make a difference in our customers’ lives. Translating those moments into authentically satisfying experiences is key to maintaining DSI’s high standards of customer service and care.

We place great emphasis on four principal attributes for our employees. These attributes define our purpose and inform the decision-making process from the executive suite all the way through to management and our entry-level employees.

If this sounds like you, and it sounds like the ideal team of people for you to start your IT career in New Mexico alongside, DSI is ready for your application. Albuquerque, New Mexico has much to offer new residents who travel to become part of our team.

Careers in New Mexico for New Residents

Job seekers throughout the Southwest will find Albuquerque, New Mexico to be an exciting and dynamic place to live. New Mexico culture is notably relaxed and laid back – the perfect destination for tech professionals fleeing high-stress urban metropolis environments.

Not only is New Mexico one of the most affordable places to live, but it also offers residents insight into a uniquely Southwestern culture. From the annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta to the stark beauty of its natural desert landscape, New Mexico is an inspiring and serene place to live.

Albuquerque itself offers a neat balance between big-city amenities and small-town culture. Additionally, it is home to one of the top high schools in the United States – the Albuquerque Institute of Math and Science.

If you are considering making New Mexico your new home, lining up a job at DSI before making the move could be the perfect solution. Our accommodating team will make sure you feel right at home

Does working with a highly qualified team of technology professionals in a growing industry sound like a dream come true? Learn more about working at DSI!