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Local businesses, enterprises, and institutions all have processes that could benefit from development and automation. As one of the largest and most reputable technology companies providing managed IT services in New Mexico and El Paso, DSI is ready to help you improve your processes while keeping your data safe.

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Properly configured network infrastructure can help your business eliminate waste, reduce the amount of time it takes to process documents, and respond affirmatively to potential data disasters. DSI experts are ready to help you implement next-generation network infrastructure, disaster recovery, and workforce solutions.

DSI uses some of the most advanced technology on the market to help small businesses, large enterprises, and institutions take control of their data and processes in a value-added way. By assessing our customers’ needs and deploying the right combination of people, hardware, and software tools, we help businesses improve profitability along every process and product line.

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DSI Technology Powers Managed IT Services
in New Mexico and El Paso

Our managed IT services provide fundamental support for the broad variety of processes that today’s offices use to generate and deliver value. As a full-service office technology provider, we are qualified to offer our customers complete solutions for today’s most pressing communication and data challenges.

  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation. One of our core strengths is the ability to plan, develop, and deploy a bespoke network infrastructure solution from the ground up. We can outfit brand new offices with carefully planned systems that “just work” from day one. At the same time, we have no problem leveraging the functionality of existing systems when it offers value.
  • Seamless IT Interface. Our managed IT services are based on the Connectwise Automate platform, which allows for remote monitoring and management while streamlining the customer experience. This platform allows customers to enter tickets directly from within the system and gives our team powerful capabilities for adjusting configurations and settings remotely.
It service and support
  • Cloud-Managed Wireless Networking. We use both OpenMesh and Ubiquiti for implementing cloud-managed wireless networks. Both technologies allow robust wireless networks to be easily configured and deployed for a broad range of user devices. As a Datto company, OpenMesh brings world-class security to the office networking environment.
  • Disaster Recovery. In today’s cybersecurity environment, redundant backups and business continuity solutions are must-haves in any workplace. We use ShadowProtect for secure local backups and eFolder for cloud-based backups alongside Buffalo TeraStation and Qnap network-attached storage devices. This combination ensures absolute data security, even against combined threats and natural disasters.
  • AntiVirus and Malware Protection. Webroot is a multi-vector cybersecurity and threat intelligence service that protects businesses against malware using state-of-the-art detection processes. We implement Webroot SecureAnywhere technology in our networking solutions, as well as business class Malwarebytes protection.
  • Office Hardware. Our customers’ desktop workstations and servers need to offer fast, powerful performance to complete business objectives while remaining priced to scale. We deploy HP standard equipment to ensure that our customers have access to the ideal hardware setup for their needs.
  • Daily Applications. Whether you need on-premises or cloud-hosted applications, DSI technicians can help you identify and deploy the best solution for your needs. We specialize in hybrid environments, using a combination of Hosted Exchange and Office 365 to create a streamlined workplace.

Choose DSI for Managed IT Services and Enjoy
Best-in-Class Security

As a reputable provider of managed IT services in New Mexico and El Paso, DSI has the knowledge, qualifications, and experience needed to implement state-of-the-art infrastructure for businesses and institutions throughout the state. Our security expertise is one of the most valuable benefits to choosing DSI as your preferred technology provider.

With ransomware on a constant rise, the question is no longer whether your company will be targeted – the question is when your company will be targeted. Our backup recovery solutions have helped multiple DSI customers initiate instant recovery after being targeted by ransomware attacks.

When considering backup disaster recovery, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is how long recovery actually takes. Having your data saved on a secure backup is not as useful as it may sound if you don’t have enough bandwidth to use the data when you need it most. If your backup recovery solution takes more than a few days to fully implement, it doesn’t offer the protection that you truly need.

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(Basic hardware and Level 1 IT Support surrounding the print device)
Anything past the print device capabilities, leads to a
Managed IT Services Support


Help Desk Support – INCLUDED (Print/Copy/Scan/Fax)
Ongoing Advanced Training – INCLUDED
Carbon 6 – INCLUDED Auto Meter/Supply
Service Loaners – INCLUDED
Print Driver Updates – INCLUDED
4 Hour Response Time (CSR) - INCLUDED


Help Desk Support - $130.00 per hour (Print/Copy/Scan/Fax)
Ongoing Advanced Training - $130.00 per hour
Carbon 6 - $10 per month per device

(Automated toner monitoring) 1-10 devices $10, 11-25 $8, 25+ $5
Service Loaners – Rental rates of $250.00 per month + CPC @.015
Print Driver Updates - $130.00 per hour
Response Guarantee – NOT AVAILABLE

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