6 Ways to Save Money on Print

The pandemic had a significant effect on us all, and while it was a negative experience for many aspects of human connection, it also had a positive ecological impact. As we went home to work, we significantly reduced the amount of paper waste produced. As our teams begin to return to

3 Ways Managed Print Benefits SMBs

Today, as choosing, managing, and maintaining technology has become much more complex and confusing, Managed Print Services (MPS) has grown in prominence. MPS is no longer only reserved for major corporations – businesses of every size can benefit! MPS can save you time, money, and resources, helping you to run

The Development of Friendly, Reliable, Local IT

DSI’s VP of Sales, Jocelyn Gorman, started DSI Technologies (DSIT) unofficially in 2013 from an opportunity presented to her by negotiating an acquisition with TriCore, which continues to be one of DSI’s largest accounts. At the time, Jocelyn was DSI’s Major Account Executive and was informed by TriCore that they

Jocelyn for the Community – Staying True to Core Values

The Parker Center for Family Business aims to help plan, manage, and grow family businesses in New Mexico. Founded by James and Linda Parker, the center focuses on the unique challenges to family businesses. The PCFB provides CPAs, lawyers, and other community professionals that specialize in creating general wealth from