Invest in VOIP to Improve Voice Communication and Reduce Costs

Although email and other text-based methods of communication are hallmarks of modern business, sometimes you simply have to speak to someone to get things moving. Whether primarily for internal or external use, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology is a powerful cost-saving asset for any organization.

Any business, enterprise, or institution that traditionally relies on telephone networks to interface with its users, customers, or partners can benefit from cutting edge VOIP technology. Compared to today’s advanced communication technology, traditional phone lines are obsolete, expensive, and under-featured.

DSI enables organizations to incorporate modern voice technologies that automatically resolve most of the pain points larger offices usually face when dealing with telephone networks. Our solutions are robust, easy to use, and benefit from expert technical assistance on behalf of our support team.

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What Next-Generation VOIP Can Do for Your Organization

VOIP is a powerful technology for large organizations that rely on telephone communication. For example, school districts rely on DSI VOIP for flexible communication between teachers, parents, students, and administrators.

Some of the benefits that these institutions enjoy include:

  • Soft Phone Deployment. Soft phones turn any network-enabled workstation into a telephone. Our academic VOIP solutions include deploying soft phones for every teacher in the district so they can make and receive calls with ease directly from their PC or laptop.
  • Remote Calling Capability. Our soft phone implementation can allow remote teachers to hold courses from any location with an Internet connection. This allows academic institutions to expand beyond the classroom.
  • Student Record/Caller ID. By interfacing our VOIP system with a student record database, we can combine caller ID information with student records to allow teachers to identify incoming calls automatically. This also makes it easier for teachers and administrators to make outgoing calls.
  • Auto-Call Recording. Recording calls is important for ensuring the quality of VOIP service, verifying the content of conversations for discrepancies, and training new customer service hires. DSI can implement auto-call recording and use its document management capabilities to create organized, searchable indexes of call recordings for its customers.
  • Cloud-Based VOIP Portal. Our web portal dashboard enables individual employees and administrators to access VOIP service from any device. You can use our web portal to visually manage phone settings, call routing settings, team membership, and even SMS.
  • Extended Call Routing Options. Have DSI integrate automatic attendants with scheduling options to improve the speed and efficiency of incoming call routing. We can instantly accommodate high-volume situations such as weather delays by creating automatic announcements addressing incoming callers’ questions.

Why You Should Choose DSI as Your VOIP Service Provider

DSI is the most reliable independent VOIP provider in New Mexico and El Paso, supporting approximately 2,000 phones throughout the region.

Businessman making a voice over internet protocol call with headphones connected to laptop
  • Flexibility. DSI’s VOIP service includes installation, training, and service necessary to generate value from VOIP technology. We develop solutions customized to meet the specific needs of our customers on a case-by-case basis. For instance, automatic call routing based on language proficiencies and caller ID databases.
  • Mixed Environment Capability. Although we are Crexendo partners, DSI has no obligation to use specific proprietary solutions to serve our customers’ VOIP needs. This gives us an edge when it comes to accommodating mixed environments where multiple technology solutions may overlap with one another. Our expert technicians can create integrated solutions for making sure disparate systems work well with one another.
  • Integrated Service Capability. Customers who wish to consolidate multiple technological services into a single plan can rely on DSI expertise to unite document, networking, and print management under a single service plan alongside VOIP. Our integrated services simplify procurement for institutions that want to keep as many services attached to a single contract as possible.
  • Timely Resolution, 24/7 Support. With DSI, help is always available. With multiple locations throughout New Mexico and El Paso, we can dispatch on-site technicians to resolve issues within a maximum period of four hours. In many cases, our remote team can handle service requests immediately, thanks to our suite of highly advanced tools.
  • Dedicated Team. Your VOIP team is dedicated to ensuring your communication systems work consistently and reliably. If a problem pops up, any member of your staff can contact any member of DSI’s team to resolve it. There is no need to climb the corporate ladder to get problems solved.

DSI Is Fully Responsible for Our VOIP Solution

Through our partnership with Crexendo, DSI is responsible for every aspect of our VOIP solution.

From the design of the hardware we use to software development, manufacture, and deployment – we take care of every aspect of the system. This ensures that our customers can rely on us for comprehensive service – the buck always stops with DSI.

DSI’s VOIP technology has saved some of our customers up to 30% on their monthly phone bill.
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