Managed Print and Network Solutions for Small-to-Mid-Sized Businesses

The balance between technical requirements and resource availability represents a unique challenge for businesses with less than 500 employees. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) of this type often need scalable, flexible solutions that large-scale enterprises don’t, and that rigid corporations serving enterprises don’t offer.

Small businesses have the same data security concerns as enterprises and the same need for comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plans, yet fewer resources with which to implement such a plan. Both small and mid-sized businesses need to stay up-to-date with current technology but are not always in an ideal position to make the needed changes to their processes and structure.

At the same time, fly-by-night managed print operations victimize small businesses by selling pirated toner cartridges that actually damage imaging hardware. The search for affordable consumables leads to ever-increasing costs as small business IT specialists get absorbed with damage control.

Jumpstart Your New Business with DSI Expertise

All of these are especially steep challenges for newer small businesses with less than two years of activity. Getting approved to lease the latest equipment can be an insurmountable task that simply precludes using the latest and greatest tools for the jobs you need to do. DSI offers a number of finance options to overcome these obstacles.

The solution is to rely on a managed service vendor like DSI. If your SMB needs to leverage scalable network and print management solutions with 24/7 customer service and fast response times, DSI is ready to be your partner. We offer industry-leading solutions for security, office equipment leasing, managed print services, IT, VoIP, and more.

How Do I Get Started?

Data Security and Disaster Recovery On-Demand

Security breach alert on a computer in a small business office

One of the most important solutions DSI offers to small and mid-sized businesses is comprehensive disaster recovery. In today’s marketplace, your entire business is founded on accurate, accessible data. The second you lose access to your data – for any reason – the resulting downtime can have disastrous consequences.

Not only does downtime cost money, but it also hurts your reputation. Businesses cannot tolerate downtime, whether due to faulty networking or natural disasters. But the biggest threat to today’s businesses is altogether something new: cybercriminal activity.

Ransomware is on the rise, and without a robust data security solution in place, you can easily find yourself targeted. The repercussions of a ransomware strike are unprecedented. Small businesses are especially vulnerable, and many never recover from cyberattacks.

Our disaster recovery solutions use the latest cybersecurity technology on the market to offer complete, up-to-the-minute backups for our customers. These solutions make full use of world-class network infrastructure to ensure that no matter what happens, your entire business can be back up and running in mere minutes.

PaperCut Reduces Costs and Improves Print Flexibility

One of the solutions we use to help businesses cut out unnecessary costs is PaperCut. This print management software allows administrators to assign user accounts to individual employees and departments. Each user is accountable to print a certain number of documents according to a certain set of rules. These rules can be customized to meet your print management needs. For instance, prints made from email can automatically be converted to monochrome. High-volume prints can automatically be routed to low-cost devices.

Expert Print Solutions from DSI

We use PrintFleet to ensure our small business customers enjoy optimal asset utilization throughout their organization. This platform lets individual users manage the entire fleet the way an individual would expect to use a single printer. For instance, an employee can direct outgoing print orders to the nearest printer.

We are equipped to be your single-source provider for all of your print technology-related needs, from deploying tried-and-true network infrastructure solutions to procuring and installing print consumables like ink and toner. All of this is done without exposing you to the risks of “newly-built compatible” print consumables that so many businesses fall victim to.

Document Management and Ease of Communication

AutoStore is a document management solution that removes the obstacles employees usually encounter when trying to get hold of hard-to-find paper documents. It’s a central repository for your company’s documentation. Employees can look for paper documents the same way they look for digital ones.

At DSI, we adjust our managed print and networking solutions to meet our customers’ needs. This unprecedented flexibility also lets us scale our services according to business growth. Rather than struggle under the weight of success, you have practically unlimited resources available on an as-needed basis.

Improve Your Current Hardware Fleet

Unlike many managed service vendors in the commercial sector, DSI does not follow a “rip and replace” approach to generating value for our clients. You invested time, energy, and money into your selection of printers and desktop workstations – throwing them out in favor of new equipment is a waste.

Instead, DSI works alongside your managers and employees to discover how we can supplement your current hardware fleet and find ways to leverage new efficiencies in your workflows. Sometimes, this involves replacing equipment. But in many cases, it sees DSI performing preventative maintenance and consumable services for existing hardware – whichever way boosts productivity and efficiency the most.

Two employees look at a computer and smile in a small office

Supplementing hardware with industry-leading IT and cybersecurity expertise is a tried-and-true method for improving the efficiency of document management and imaging processes. Our team can assess your fleet and find the best way to optimize your workflows, while management gets best-in-class monitoring of key performance indicators.

DSI Is Your Trusted IT Advisor

DSI does not try to position itself strictly as a provider of managed IT services. Instead, we seek to become full-fledged partners in our customers’ success stories. As your trusted IT advisor, we can help you face any challenge on the way to your organization’s success.

Entrust your business to DSI’s professional team of IT specialists and find out how our networking, document management, and managed print services can help you thrive. We are ready to help our community’s small and mid-sized businesses get more out of their print fleets and network infrastructure.

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