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Security means more than putting a keypad near the front door and hiring someone to keep an eye on your doors and windows at night.
It also means more than just security cameras. In today’s security landscape, a comprehensive solution needs to combine the latest technologies with vigilant and attentive personnel capable of identifying suspicious behavior and proactively preventing intrusions from occurring.

The three pillars of any modern security system are:

  • Intrusion Detection. A secure building perimeter can prevent break-ins and automatically transmit data to emergency centers in response to intruders.
  • Access Control. Whereas intrusion detection focuses on after-hours security, access control ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot access sensitive areas during business hours.
  • Video Surveillance. Video surveillance allows security teams to investigate incidents and review access control and intrusion detection logs to reconstruct security incidents and identify individuals related to those incidents.

In order to optimize your business to provide for employee safety while keeping you customers’ sensitive data physically secure, you need to invest in solutions that unify these three elements.

For security to be comprehensive, every single element needs to enjoy full integration with the others. Bad surveillance affects access control and the ability to detect intrusion. Careless access control makes surveillance and intrusion detection almost impossible.

DSI leverages its partnerships with industry-leading security manufacturers to create customized solutions that ensure your security solution has no weak links. We use a selection of tools, giving our team the option to install on-site, cloud-based, and hybrid security solutions as needed to meet our customers’ needs.

How Do I Get Started?

DSI Security Partnerships

Guaranteeing best-in-class security requires investing in a set of tools and systems that can respond to every possible contingency. Our partnerships with the following manufacturers enables DSI to maximize the effectiveness of our solutions:

  • Genetec. IP video surveillance and access control solutions from Genetec allow our team to implement modern security solutions such as automatic license plate recognition.
  • Mobotix. Pioneering high-resolution network camera technology creates reliable, uncompromising video logs of on-site activities.
  • Assa Abloy. Intelligent locking solutions offer safety and comfort to our clients, satisfying security and safety initiatives.
  • Orion Entrance Control. Secure turnstile solutions ensure that our customers have secure physical access points protected.
  • Bosch. We use Bosch intrusion alarm systems to protect our clients, and rely on Bosch Access Professional Edition (APE) for small-to-medium business access control.
  • Honeywell. Global technology provider Honeywell supplies DSI with professional intrusion detection tools, alarm systems, and highly configurable security tools.
  • Samsung. Samsung’s Hanwha Techwin subsidiary offers both digital and analog video surveillance tools capable of operating within our consolidated security infrastructure.
  • IDIS. As a provider of unified video surveillance and networking solutions, IDIS technology powers many of our most dependable security solutions.

By leveraging our partnerships with global tier-one technology providers, we are able to provide comprehensive security coverage to our customers with greater efficiency than any in-house team.
Outsource security to DSI to enjoy a new level of cost-efficient peace of mind when it comes to customer data and employee safety.

Deploy 24/7 Physical Security with Digital Efficiency

Security check room with surveillance monitors

Hiring physical security personnel comes with certain risks and costs. Not only do you have to address the professionalism and capability of security staff, but you must also keep an eye on the rapidly rising cost of human security resources.

Considering the amount of customer data even a very small businesses processes on a daily basis, the need for comprehensive security is paramount. But without a partner like DSI, creating and deploying a security solution safe from the latest exploits are an expense and a risk.

With our dedicated team handling your security infrastructure, you can effectively mitigate the risk of cyberattacks and break-ins while controlling potential damages. Additional layers of security – beginning with physical separation of stored data from the premises – allow our team to investigate security incidents to discover their origins and intents.

Make DSI Your Trusted Security Advisor

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for on-site security. As organizations grow and become more complex, their security needs change over time. The need for an experienced advisor capable of responding to changing environments is a must in any long-term security strategy.

DSI is positioned to solve security challenges using state-of-the-art technology while providing modern
solutions for adapting to changes in the security landscape moving forward.
With our experience in the field, we are uniquely qualified to deploy, maintain, and upgrade electronic security solutions designed to keep your business, personnel, and customers safe. (newest division of the company so we have less than a year of experience).

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