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Is your print hardware holding you back? For many organizations located in New Mexico and El Paso, the answer is yes. Printing is one of the largest office expenses behind payroll and rent. It puts a constant drain on company resources as employees print, scan, and copy documents multiple times while completing routine processes.

However, a large portion of these costs are entirely preventable. The right print policy, enabled with the best print hardware for the job, will reduce print costs while boosting efficiency across the board.

DSI helps small businesses, enterprises, and institutions save on document costs through the deployment of industry-leading imaging technology. Our print hardware solutions empower our customers to use fewer consumables, print higher-quality documents, and communicate seamlessly in both digital and paper formats.

At DSI, we take great pride in our commitment to being the best office equipment provider in New Mexico and El Paso. Our team of imaging experts helps businesses throughout the state lower costs and enjoy customized print solutions that address their needs.

Benefits That DSI Printer, Copier, and Multifunction
Device Solutions Offer

Man presses the copy button on a multi-function printer

National print hardware providers typically leverage relationships with a single manufacturer to offer businesses and institutions imaging expertise when creating document solutions. DSI leverages relationships with multiple manufacturers, ensuring that neither we nor our customers are forced to use any particular brand of print equipment.

The combination of national resources with the flexibility of a local business lets us pick and choose from between a variety of manufacturers’ offerings. We serve our customers by finding the best solution to their problems, rather than trying to force a certain manufacturers’ equipment to do the job.

Our technicians are authorized to support almost every printer manufacturer that uses size-A4 paper. We have established expertise on some of the world’s most reputable brands:

Konica Minolta Fax Kits Logo

As the number-one Konica Minolta dealer in New Mexico and El Paso, we have a team of specialists ready to improve challenging document workflows with Konica Minolta hardware. We are experts in the implementation of third party software with Konica Minolta equipment, including OpenText, Prism, Square9, and Papercut.

Lexmark original logo

Lexmark equipment offers superior document management and communication solutions to businesses and institutions. Our team’s deep expertise with Lexmark hardware helps businesses develop and deploy customized solutions using best-in-class Lexmark equipment.

HP blue original logo

HP multifunction devices are the backbone of document management in some of New Mexico and El Paso’s busiest companies and institutions. DSI expertise is instrumental towards keeping those systems running at peak efficiency, reducing employee downtime and document-related waste. Our lineup of HP wide-format printers helps businesses create marketing materials, posters, and more.

OKI logo

OKI specialty printers can handle a variety of print tasks including white and clear toner applications. This company’s equipment is ideal for situations where high-quality, high-volume prints need to be made on a regular basis. Our team leverages OKI specialty expertise to create customized solutions and train our customers’ employees in their use.

Importantly, DSI invests in its relationship with its customers. Small businesses, enterprises, and large institutions alike rely on us to perform training and create customized bills, reports, and forms. Taking these extra steps ensures that our customers maintain a competitive edge in the efficiency of their office processes.

Why Choose DSI?

DSI combines the benefits of working with a national service provider with the flexibility that only local companies can provide. The ability to deploy customized solutions on equipment made by some of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers is an important value generator for busy offices.

  • 24/7 Support. Unlike national providers who typically have to subcontract on-site technical support to third parties, DSI specialists are ready to deliver expert technical service on-demand. We bring industry-leading tools and expertise to any office in our coverage area in four hours or less.
  • Combined Service Plans. We are not just a printer dealer. DSI has solutions for copying, scanning, and managing documents, as well as managed IT services, networking, VOIP, and security & surveillance. This enables our customers to rely on one service provider for the entirety of their IT needs, significantly simplifying the procurement process.
  • Better Data Security. Your data is your company’s most vulnerable asset. All of our services are rooted in cybersecurity best practices with continual updates to address changing needs in the field. For print hardware, that means encrypted network communication, user authentication at print, and routine firmware verification.
  • Dedicated Partnership. DSI goes the extra mile when crafting solutions to technological problems. There is no corporate communication hierarchy at DSI – every customer has unlimited access to their IT team and resources. That means you have direct access to every team member involved in your customized IT solution.

Make DSI Your Dedicated Tech Advisor

We take great pride in our ability to help local businesses, enterprises, and institutions implement lean, powerful document solutions. With clients spanning the education, healthcare, government, commercial, financial, and legal sectors, we have the knowledge and experience needed to generate real value by choosing the perfect hardware for industry-specific needs.

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