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One of the most effective ways offices can reduce overhead spending is by printing less. In most business environments, employees have little or no incentive to avoid printing documents and will collectively push office print resources to their limits.

But employees still need to process documents, and in many cases, those processes rely on printing and copying as an ad hoc solution for document retrieval, transmission, and archival. When scaled to meet the workflow needs of an entire organization, print consumption quickly rises to become a major, largely preventable office cost.

Only rent and payroll drain more company resources on a monthly basis. However, the majority of print consumption costs don’t actually add value to business processes.

Managed print services can help remedy this problem by establishing and enforcing a customized print policy.

This policy provides for assessing print needs, discouraging wasteful printing, and controlling print inventory in a way that produces value. As experts in managed print services in New Mexico and El Paso, DSI is ready to help you achieve these goals using next-generation technologies and an innovative approach to print asset management.

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DSI Technology
Fuels Managed Print Savings

DSI customers enjoy access to some of the tech industry’s most advanced print technologies. Beyond providing high-performance print hardware, we also deploy solutions for effectively monitoring and managing print on a user-by-user basis.
These solutions are critical for establishing methods for reducing print costs, and make it easy for administrators to develop and enforce print policies effecting the entire organization. Sophisticated infrastructure and smart software tools make administration easy.

  • PrintFleet. PrintFleet offers a robust platform enabling everything from print policy assessment to advanced print fleet management through a single user interface. It gives DSI the ability to automatically identify opportunities for asset optimization and to easily create secure fully managed solutions for our customers.
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  • PageScope. PageScope technology is used to increase the monitoring capabilities of Konica Minolta printers and give print process owners unprecedented access to their departments’ print usage statistics. PageScope is a platform that simplifies the process of installing device drivers, creating print logs, and administrating multiple devices on a complex corporate network.
  • PaperCut. One of the most important benefits to implementing managed print services in New Mexico and El Paso is reducing paper waste. PaperCut is a critical tool for achieving that goal. It lets our customers track individual users by their print usage and control individual print accounts to incentivize efficient use of print resources.

Because DSI is an independent managed print service provider, we can pick and choose from between the solutions that our partners offer. With customized assessments and billing, you never have to worry about paying for a platform or service that you don’t actually use.

DSI Print Consulting Paves the
Path Forward

One of the key value differentiators between DSI and large, national managed print service providers is that we offer bespoke solutions at the individual level. Whereas larger providers often try to push one-size-fits-all solutions to print fleet management, we know that the best solution is a customized one.
This is why we offer comprehensive print consulting services to our customers. With DSI, you can find the optimal managed print solution for your business, enterprise, or institution, and enjoy expert technical assistance for the deployment of that solution.

  • Asset Utilization. DSI does not adhere to the rip-and-replace approach of most vendors offering managed print services in New Mexico and El Paso. Instead, we take time to understand your current approach and devise a solution to make efficient use of your existing assets alongside our software and hardware tools.
  • Long-Term Planning. Even a perfect managed print solution will eventually fall victim to workplace changes and shifts in employee behavior, customer expectations, and other factors. Our print policy experts can create long-term solutions to ensure your business’s printing needs are scalable in any direction.
  • Inventory Control. One of the primary costs associated with print is inventory control. Printers and multifunction devices need paper and other consumables to function, and downtime creates production bottlenecks that cost more than linear arithmetic can successfully describe. Our inventory control solutions ensure your print fleet is always ready for the job it needs to perform.
  • Print Volume Reduction. One of the best ways to reduce downtime and control print costs is to reduce overall print volume. We achieve this goal using state-of-the-art technology to track print usage and make individual employees accountable for their print practices.
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  • Print Policy Development. A robust print policy can significantly affect your ability to save money on print consumables. By enforcing a strict set of rules that determine what documents to print, when to print, and who is responsible for printing, we can help you eliminate the majority of wasteful print orders.
  • Security Policy Development. Printers are one of the most vulnerable pieces of hardware in the average office environment. Because printers, copiers, and multifunction devices need to connect to nearly every device on a network, it takes DSI’s specialized expertise to manage a successful print security policy.
  • Quarterly Meetings. Like any managed service, measurement is critical to the success of managed print service. We constantly monitor our customers’ print usage and report on the efficiency of our solutions quarterly. DSI customers know exactly how much they are saving on print costs per quarter.

DSI Is Ready to Help You Solve Any
Printing Challenge

As a local company providing managed print services in New Mexico and El Paso, DSI emphasizes the power of easy communication. We are always ready to help our customers solve printing challenges, operating a 24/7 customer service line explicitly for the purpose.
When you work with us, you have direct access to every team member serving your company’s managed print needs.

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