Security and Process
Automation for Legal Firms

Today’s legal firms have more responsibilities than ever. In an era where cybercrime runs rampant, yet the organizational needs of law firms are only increasing, truly effective and cost-efficient data management solutions are hard to come by.
Three challenging factors combine to block progress in a field where accurate data and efficient communication are key to success.

  • Cybersecurity. The world is an increasingly insecure place. Law firms not only have to deal with threats like malware and ransomware, but are also uniquely attractive targets for identity theft. Cybercriminals know that lawyers, almost by definition, have to document sensitive information about their clients, and are all too willing to extort law firms with weak data security systems.
  • Process Automation. Legal firms have to process more data than ever before. This leads to a situation where the pure quantity of data going through the law firm makes it very difficult to assess cybersecurity threats while obtaining an optimal workflow. Lawyers want to automate processes, but don’t know where to start.
  • ERP Integration. Enterprise resource planning solutions (ERPs) are part and parcel to the success of any serious law firm. But not all ERPs are compatible with document management platforms and managed network infrastructure. It takes remarkable IT expertise to create a customized solution to these problems in a way that truly generates value.

Many law firms are turning to managed service vendors like DSI for networking and imaging solutions. The ability to transform expensive in-house hardware fleets to managed solutions paid for on a monthly basis gives law firms the ability to reduce IT spend while increasing the efficiency and security of everyday processes.

Hardware Is Key to Managing Your Law Firm

Legal firms need to integrate optimized workflows into their existing ERP solution without exposing themselves to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The key to achieving this corporate objective is leveraging the industry’s best technology and DSI’s world-class IT expertise.

Our company’s broad range of hardware devices includes many flagship models with the best specifications on the market. For DSI, deploying a network-enabled multifunction printer with a 300-sheet document feeder and advanced finishing options is not a problem. Implementing best-in-class security into the solution is standard – we know that every unsecured device is a vulnerability.

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Have DSI Deploy Leading Lexmark Products in Your Firm

Our hardware choices reflect DSI’s commitment to developing customized solutions to complex problems. We help law firms develop roadmaps towards workflow optimization, using our technical expertise to build highly specialized systems that respond to our client’s needs.

One of our most valuable clients for legal technology deployments is Lexmark. With remarkably affordable high-volume support and a small physical footprint, Lexmark printers are an ideal solution for legal specialists in any industry. They are also widely compatible with automated workflows.

If a legal client requires an automated solution for billing back clients, our team is ready to create one using PaperCut. If integrating applications with a specific ERP has been a problem in the past, we can adjust our hardware options to interface smoothly with existing deployments. DSI transforms challenging problems into innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Why Use DSI Managed Services

We support many law firms, large and small, throughout New Mexico. In each case, we offer technological services that keep our customers’ systems in optimal condition.

It’s not the printer that delivers settlements and generates value for law firm clients – it is expert legal counsel. Our managed services allow lawyers and their teams to focus on delivering expert counsel to their clients by reducing the amount of time, money, and stress that goes into keeping office technology working.

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The deployment of PaperCut and PrintFleet technology allows for the secure automatic processing of documents. These technologies offer useful benefits:

  • The ability to automate document workflows, for instance, by automatically printing emails in monochrome.
  • Follow-me printing capability that allows users to print from the nearest device.
  • Support for multiple accounts and account types, enforcing strict policies for each.
  • Up-to-the-minute statistics on print use and asset utilization.
  • Automated bill back for cases.

Easy Scanning and Document Management

We use ECopy PDF Pro to help legal clients complete redaction, batch stamping, and document alteration processes with ease. This solution represents a powerful step forward in digital document management.

AutoStore technology streamlines the scanning and retrieval process, making sure that your entire firm’s data infrastructure is easy to access and easy to understand. Keeping complex case files organized has never been easier.

Implement Complementary Processes with Benchmark Security

Managed network services ensure that world-class cybersecurity solutions are embedded into the firm’s network infrastructure.
When we provide an assessment to a legal client, we make sure to document the client’s processes with as much detail as possible so that we can implement processes that complement the way things already get done. In practice, this often leads to our technicians adapting multiple solutions under a single integrated umbrella. For our clients, this helps consolidate multiple vendor agreements into a single, unified service.

Customized Service-Level Agreements

This is possible, thanks to our ability to customize service-level agreements to meet our clients’ unique needs. Instead of generating conflicts between legacy systems, existing vendor agreements, and our own hardware, we develop and implement complementary workflows that empower every part of the legal process to work at its full potential.
All of our solutions benefit from world-class security ensuring that sensitive data never makes it into the wrong hands. Industry-leading encryption and access control technologies are standard fare in our legal service packages.

Make DSI Your First Choice for Managed Services

Your legal firm needs a managed service provider that offers state-of-the-art technology solutions and best-in-class response times. DSI offers the managed networking and printing services you need to make the most out of your processes and ensure that your clients’ needs are always a priority.

By entrusting DSI with your legal firm’s process automation and security concerns, you earn a powerful technology partner, ready to develop a comprehensive plan for ensuring your success. From batch stamping to redaction and document management, we have innovative, efficiency-boosting solutions you can implement today to save time and money while improving security across the board.

Is it time to implement automated processes that can help your law firm generate value and reduce costs?
Have DSI create a solution for you.