Document Management and Process Automation for Government Agencies

Managing data for state and federal government agencies comes with its own set of unique challenges. People rely on public institutions for a broad variety of services and authorizations, and even the smallest miscommunication carries a heavy price.

Despite this, budgets for government institutions are getting smaller in proportion to the services they are expected to fund. At the same time, data security and access control concerns are only rising – keeping people and their data safe is more important than ever.

The right managed service vendor, with the right contracts and the right organizational approach, can make a huge difference in the day-to-day administration of a local, state, or federal government agency. DSI is the managed service provider that government agencies throughout New Mexico trust first and foremost.

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Secure Data, Secure Access

Despite shrinking budgets and increasing workloads, government agencies have to contend with unique security concerns. This extends both to traditional access control solutions and to cybersecurity, where government organizations represent a uniquely popular target.

Government requirements concerning access control are more stringent than ever. Our three-phase security plan offers value to the government sector by responding to the needs of each agency on an individual basis. Our approach focuses on three phases:

  • Discovery. During our walk-through assessment, our team identifies vulnerabilities and develops an intimate understanding of the institution’s security environment. We then set priorities and find out what budgeting limitations we must work with.
Cyber security report on a laptop
  • Collaboration. We collaborate with institutional stakeholders to fine-tune the design of our security solution and develop new ways to complement the institution’s objectives. The second phase involves on-site preparation and implementation, followed by the maintenance and improvement stage.
  • Implementation and Improvement. This is where our team combines the knowledge gained in the first two phases with the realities of deploying technology solutions in real-world institutional environments. We maintain and improve our services regularly to ensure ongoing compliance and satisfaction.

Each of these stages speak to the security needs of government agencies using our unparalleled expertise working with state, local, and federal organizations. For both cybersecurity and access control, our team knows we have to get it right the first time.

How DSI Helps Government Institutions Control Costs

DSI has experience working with state and government institutions and has been active in this sector since the inception of our company. There are many ways that working with government contracts differs from private sector work, but cost control is one of the most significant.

We have years of experience navigating the process of deploying technology solutions in accordance with statewide pricing and government contract stipulations. We are able to customize contract billing according to our clients’ needs – including departmental, building, or cost-center billing – which sets DSI apart from the crowd.

Coverage Extends Throughout New Mexico and El Paso

With coverage throughout the entire state of New Mexico and Department of Energy (DoE) security clearances that allow our team members to support confidential areas and processes, DSI is able to offer unique benefits to government agencies throughout the area. Our logistics solutions are well-established, generating value by reducing the cost of shipping imaging supplies, consumables, and network hardware from manufacturers to government offices.

We help government agencies scan and archive documents using process automation. Our document management tools let government employees find archived documents using index-searchable databases that are as intuitive as they are powerful. Our team is committed to helping the government work smarter and more efficiently.

Make DSI Your Single-Source Managed Service Vendor

Man at a laptop in a large government office

An important differentiator that puts DSI on the top of any government procurement shortlist is the depth and breadth of the solutions we can offer. We leverage working relationships with a variety of manufacturers to offer multiple solutions under a single contract, making life easier for procurement officials.

As reputable security contractors, we are able to implement access control and network cybersecurity solutions that keep government data and personnel safe. As office equipment providers, we have access to tech products with the highest specifications on the market, from computers to printers, and more.

PaperCut and PrintFleet Offer Cutting-Edge Accountability

With print management software like PaperCut, government institutions can develop and enforce strict print policies that directly address common pain points:

  • Individual users and user categories can be made accountable for print jobs
  • Print rules can automatically transfer prints. For instance, high-volume prints may automatically go to low-cost monochrome devices.
  • Automated Active Directory helps government IT teams manage users and configuration.
  • Print logs offer a complete audit trail.
  • PrintFleet allows for follow-me printing and efficient asset utilization.

AutoStore Streamlines Government Work

With document management solutions like AutoStore, government employees can enjoy immediate access to the most important documents they need. AutoStore supports fast, compact storage for paper documents and significantly reduces the expense of document storage.

By compressing the entire document filing cabinet structure into a cube and offering automated access to documents, AutoStore makes filing paper documents as easy as filing digital ones.

RightFax Brings Faxing into the 21st Century

RightFax is a foundational platform we use to offer our government clients secure faxing capabilities in a robust, high-volume format. This centralized fax solution reduces the cost of faxing documents while improving the quality and reliability of the fax connection.

It is widely compatible with CRM, ERP, ECM, and other host applications. DSI can perform the integration on-site.

DocForm Allows for Easy Variable Data Documents

With a customized DocForm integration, government institutions can dynamically merge variable data sets from a variety of sources into personalized, low-cost documents for print, fax, or electronic transmission. The software combination between RightFax and DocForm allows for affordable document creation throughout the entire agency.

Government VOIP Is a DSI Specialty

Part of our network infrastructure capabilities is VoIP technology. Our in-house product development team can customize a VoIP solution for any government agency, offering PCI-compliant communication solutions that are reliable and secure. The employees of DSI clients enjoy access to 24/7 customer service from helpful, knowledgeable specialists.

DSI Experience and Reputation by Your Side

As an experienced and reputable vendor supporting many government agencies, including one of the largest defense contractors in the country, DSI is prepared to help your agency optimize its workflow. We are NASPO-authorized and GSA-authorized through our contract with Konica Minolta and dedicated to bring valuable office technology to government institutions throughout New Mexico.

With unparalleled experience in the government sector, our team of hardware and software specialists is ready to assess your office environment, pinpoint areas that need improvement, and create solutions that will drive efficiency for all of the processes your agency performs on a daily basis.

DSI is ready to provide technological support and services that reduce reliance on paper, increase security, and control costs. Administrating a government agency is challenging, but DSI technology gives you the tools you need to meet those challenges head-on.

The time to transform the government office is now.
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