Secure Network
Infrastructure for Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions have unique needs when it comes to developing and deploying network solutions. From infrastructure to hardware deployment, the balance between security, risk management, and document management is a constant concern for executives throughout the financial industry.

Security is a prime concern because of the advent of sophisticated cybercriminal attack techniques. Financial institutions are common targets for ransomware and business email compromise attacks that expose key vulnerabilities. Without a comprehensive security solution in place, there is no way to know if sensitive financial data is safe or not.

Banks and financial organizations also have to plan for data disaster contingencies, ensuring that important customer data is never lost – no matter how severe the damage may be. Whether dealing with physical damage or networking errors, there must always be a secure set of backups on hand, ready for quick import.

With DSI, Security Comes First

Data breaches of high-profile financial firms frequently make headlines around the world. These threats go beyond the simple destruction of data. Today’s hackers want to exfiltrate sensitive information for use in identity theft and money laundering scams. As a result, financial networks need to use encrypted traffic for everything from email to print orders – every hardware device on the network is a potential security vulnerability.

Security Means More than Protecting Networks

Cybercriminals are increasingly combining digital attack vectors with social engineering tactics. These tactics can rely on physical access, compromised business email accounts, phishing, and a wide range of other vectors. Because of this, maintaining a comprehensive security solution is key to keeping your customers’ data safe.
In a world where both digital and physical security vulnerabilities can be exposed by a single intruder, the need for an integrated security solution is paramount. DSI combines the following tools into a single comprehensive service designed to keep unauthorized individuals from accessing the sensitive data customers entrust to financial institutions:

  • Access control
  • Secure network infrastructure
  • Active threat management
  • Mobotix intelligent camera systems

Every device on your network is a potential threat vector, and every position in your company is essentially a cybersecurity position. Our tools and training can help you successfully protect your data.

Be Prepared for Data Disasters

Any security solution would be incomplete if it did not provide for the possibility of data loss. Whether due to a natural event or to a successful cybersecurity breach, financial institutions need to have extensive backup systems online at all times.
With the right business continuity plan in place, a compromised financial system can be brought back online almost immediately. With the right network infrastructure supporting the plan, an entire institution can operate off of its backup systems for as long as it takes to get the main system back online.
This unprecedented level of flexibility allows:

  • More complete customer data security.
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Benchmark cybersecurity defenses.
  • Unparalleled scalability allowing for growth.

DSI has dedicated resources for helping financial institutions improve their disaster response capabilities. With solutions that span physical evacuation plans to network hardware deployment, we have answers for any challenge your financial organization may face.

Control Costs and Improve Process Efficiency

Man makes a cost savings presentation and points to a financial graph

Document costs absorb a surprisingly significant amount of financial institutions’ profits, often as a hidden cost. The need to control print and document costs often takes a backseat to more pressing issues like data security. But integrated solutions in document management can augment every other aspect of the financial service industry – including security.

DocForm is a powerful tool for increasing document capabilities while reducing the cost of their creation and transmission. It allows document creators complete control over variable data sets, supporting multiple data formats and origins without issue.

Incorporating scalable, tech-friendly solutions for document management requires leveraging the expertise of a managed service vendor like DSI. Rely on our team’s assessment to uncover efficiency-boosting opportunities to use state-of-the-art hardware to your advantage.

PaperCut Enforces Your Print Policy

We use PaperCut to help financial institutions cut printing costs and address print accountability for individual users and departments. PaperCut allows administrators to categorize user accounts, control print privileges, and create rule-based automation processes according to a print policy.
We can then enforce this policy through the hardware solutions we deploy, reducing employee burden while improving the speed and efficiency of routine processes. This standardized approach creates efficiencies that positively affect other aspects of your institution’s operations as well.

  • Standardized processes help make cybersecurity solutions easier to implement.
  • Our integrated abilities ensure that every device on your network operates smoothly and benefits from secure network infrastructure in the process.
  • Print policies help ensure that document-oriented processes follow standard procedures.

With PrintFleet, you can treat all of your organization’s print hardware devices through a single, unified interface. It allows administrators to direct prints automatically through the fleet – such as by allowing users to print using the device physically closest to them as they walk through the building.

Man looks at financial reports on desk

DSI and Lexmark – Custom Integrated Solutions

We understand that many banks and financial institutions use ERPs that are designed for compatibility with Lexmark print hardware. As New Mexico’s premier Lexmark dealer, we can develop and implement hardware solutions for integrating the latest Lexmark hardware with your ERP solution.

By selecting from our large catalog of hardware and software options and prioritizing compatibility, we can implement solutions to generate value in nearly any configuration.

Earn More from Integrated Legacy Equipment

We are often able to repurpose legacy equipment and improve on existing security solutions. This approach saves our customers’ money while improving the depth and quality of the services we offer.

We understand that when it comes to financial data, the stakes are too high for anything less than perfect performance. DSI customers enjoy unprecedented access to the latest hardware on the market, including the ability to test out equipment before making long-term lease agreements – we want you to be sure your solution does everything you need it to do.

DSI technology will enable your financial institution to run with greater efficiency and security.
Contact us to find out how!