Rely on DSI for Next-Generation Faxing and Scanning in
New Mexico and El Paso

Modern scanning and faxing technologies represent a key value generator for today’s businesses and institutions. Whether running a small business or operating a statewide enterprise, the need to reliably and securely transmit documents during processing remains a constant.

Almost every organization relies on scan and fax technology to ensure smooth, reliable communication between departments and between partners. The way you approach scanning and faxing can have a major impact on your ability to thrive in today’s digital environment.

DSI uses state-of-the-art technology to develop solutions that ensure data security compliance and enable information governance.
Our operational expertise helps businesses in a variety of industries perform with greater efficiency and clarity when scanning, faxing, and transmitting documents.

DSI Technology Helps Your Company Communicate Better

DSI is an office hardware provider that helps companies deploy best-in-class solutions for faxing and scanning in New Mexico and El Paso. As specialists in today’s most effective software and hardware solutions, we customize our customers’ imaging fleets to generate efficiency and produce value.

We are a statewide provider of office technology services that combines the resources of large, national suppliers with the flexibility of local providers. This lets us act as trusted IT advisors, choosing from between multiple manufacturers to create optimal combined solutions. Some of the industry’s most respected manufacturers are DSI partners:

Busy office with people doing various activities such as faxing and taking calls
OpenText Logo

OpenText’s RightFax is a centralized fax server that provides secure faxing on an organization-wide scale. This on-premises, or hosted, solution puts our clients in control of their faxing infrastructure while ensuring data security and compliance. With RightFax fax server, we help our clients completely eliminate analog lines and provide a complete audit trail for HIPAA and HITEC compliance.

Another offering from OpenText, Fax2Mail is a scalable cloud-based solution that transforms faxes into emails. It allows organizations to seamlessly switch between paper and digital workflows, turning scanners and copiers into powerful, multifunctional fax machines.

Red Fujitsu logo

An established world leader in imaging, scanning, and faxing,
Fujitsu hardware gives our customers the power to design robust and affordable imaging solutions. Our partnership with Fujitsu gives businesses, enterprises, and institutions access to some of the world’s best image-capture hardware.

Red Kodak Logo

Alaris Capture Pro is a Kodak technology that allows organizations to perform complex scanning and indexing procedures automatically. As Capture Pro experts, we help businesses integrate this technology with ECM solutions such as SharePoint.

Nuance Logo

Nuance AutoStore enables companies to deploy robust document capture and management solutions through a broad range of capture points. Our technicians use AutoStore to help companies turn multifunction printers, mobile devices, and digital folders into drag-and-drop document capture points.

Konica Minolta Fax Kits Logo

Our imaging specialists can install fax kits that transform any Konica Minolta printer into a fully functioning scan-to-email multifunction device. Specialty hardware and DSI expertise allow companies to extend use of their Konica Minolta print fleets.

Make DSI Your First Choice for Faxing and Scanning Solutions in New Mexico and El Paso

  • Independent Solutions. Because we are an independent office technology provider, we retain the right to pick and choose from among many different manufacturers and developers when crafting unique solutions for our customers.
  • Integrated IT Service. In addition to scanning and faxing expertise, DSI offers a broad range of office technology services, from managed networking to VOIP and managed print. With DSI, you can consolidate multiple services into a single contract, simplifying procurement.
  • Benchmark Security. Data security is more important than ever. For our specialists, robust cybersecurity is part and parcel to the value we offer organizations in need of scanning and faxing solutions.
  • 24/7 Customer Service. DSI customers enjoy unfettered access to on-demand customer service. Our technicians can arrive, fully equipped for on-site work, at any location in our coverage network in a maximum of 4 hours.

Implement DSI Faxing and Scanning Technology
in Your Workplace

Our world-class imaging solutions for your business can help you reduce inefficiencies, increase productivity, and generate greater profits through automation. DSI technicians are ready to help you choose and deploy hardware for start-to-finish document management.

Are you ready to transform document processing for your organization?
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