Incorporating technology in the classroom has always been a challenge, but the scope of today’s obstacles is wider than ever before. School resources are stretched to their limits while budgets shrink and costs continue to rise unabated.

In the midst of this, IT specialists working for school districts have to come up with efficient solutions for managing desktop printing and consumable spend. In most districts, only one or two specialists serve an entire school, doing their best to ensure that the institution’s aging print and computing fleet run on a daily basis.

Under these conditions, educators have precious little time and energy to develop a long-term strategy for reducing technology costs. Even coming up with a short-term plan for maintaining a school’s print fleet is an ordeal.

Data Security Is an Increasing Priority and Resource Draw

Academic data needs to be safe against cybercrime and that FERPA and HIPAA compliance must be maintained throughout the entire system. It’s easy to see why education represents a unique technology challenge. All educators would like to reduce technology spend, improve their print fleet, and deploy modern infrastructure – but very few know where to start.

In an environment where your in-house IT expert is already busy just keeping legacy equipment running, actually putting budget-reducing plans into motion requires outside assistance. DSI offers this help, transforming schools into the technological leaders of their community with budget-friendly solutions.

How Do I Get Started?

Comprehensive DSI Auditing for Academic Institutions

Empty school classroom with computers

DSI does more than support copiers and printers. We know that your school’s technology needs are greater than that. The first thing we do is listen. Educators know what they expect from technology, and our team treats every unmet expectation as a unique challenge.

Once we know what our community’s educators need, we implement a total audit of the institution’s print fleet and network infrastructure. This lets us craft a unique, customized plan for getting there. The resulting plan will include recommendations to improve standardization across the district.

Customized Managed Services

We then begin to implement a customized managed technology service that helps educators spend less money on technology-related expenses. We implement solutions that reduce the amount of time educators spend on technology-related workarounds.

Some examples of the services we offer include:

  • Implementing secure backups and disaster recovery systems
  • Standardizing print fleets and consumables to reduce costs
  • Gathering data to support future budget considerations
  • Offering day-to-day customer service support to end-users
  • Providing unlimited training and professional development services

Entrust School Security to DSI

School security is a serious issue that requires careful deployment of top-shelf technologies to address. DSI’s combination of security infrastructure expertise and Mobotix Intelligent IP technology gives schools the peace of mind that comes with best-in-class security.

As a leading manufacturer of network camera technology, Mobotix systems offer unprecedented precision and accuracy – including thermal cameras sensitive enough to identify when a student in a classroom has a fever.

DSI’s network infrastructure team includes cybersecurity experts who can address vulnerabilities in your school’s systems to ensure that intruders looking for staff or student data are kept out.

Get Printing Under Control with PaperCut

Papercut is a powerful tool for managing print services throughout any organization.
In academic settings, it lets schools classify students and staff into different categories with unique printing privileges for each.

Papercut offers the following benefits:

  • Allows strict enforcement of print policy per user
  • Syncs with Active Directory for IT
  • Offers mobile printing compatibility
  • Sets restrictions for print jobs by user, document type, and more

The net result of deploying PaperCut is a significant reduction in print spend throughout the entire organization.

Deploy Interactive Displays in Your Classrooms

One of DSI’s technology partners is Promethean, manufacturer of brilliant interactive displays for modern lesson delivery.
We can deploy Promethean displays in our customers’ classrooms to ensure that every student enjoys access to an advanced classroom environment.

DSI Services Are E-Rate-Compliant

The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, also known as E-Rate, offers affordable telecommunications and internet access to schools and universities across the United States. DSI supports academic connectivity under the E-rate program, allowing customers to earn discounts of up to 90 percent of the list price of technology projects.

DSI Training Makes Your School Run Smoother

Two rows of computers for education

The key to reducing IT spend and complying with today’s data security guidelines is leveraging IT expertise to optimize academic print and network infrastructure. We continually look for technological advances that apply to the unique needs of educators.

In many cases, this means providing training for education IT staff – from helping to implement and maintain cloud infrastructure to leading courses on the latest in cybersecurity. In all cases, we do our best to customize the total solution from a needs-oriented perspective.

This is why we meet with school boards and local communities to share our plans and offer updates on our progress during deployment. We know that parents, teachers, and students all have technological concerns that our team has to address – and we are happy to do so.

DSI Is a CES/AEPA Vendor

One of the major obstacles to education procurement is the fact that not all service vendors operate under statewide pricing agreements for education contracts. Authorized contracts allow for a school to not spend unnecessary time and resources in developing an RFP, thereby saving time and resources.

DSI is one of the few operators in the region that holds CES and NASPO contracts. We offer state-of-the-art technology solutions for K-12 schools, charter schools, community colleges, and universities alike.

The solutions we offer enhance school data security and reduce expenses associated with technology procurement. Accurate, reliable networking is the cornerstone of successful school administration in the 21st century.

Make DSI Your School’s Print and Network
Service Provider

DSI is a technological solutions provider with a valuable service to offer. As network infrastructure experts, we can ensure every device
on your school’s network works when you need it.

From computers to printers and even mobile devices, we have solutions in place that optimize workplace efficiency for teachers while maximizing student engagement and reducing the risk of cybercrime. In today’s education environment, managed network services and print fleet management from a CES/AEPA contract holder like DSI is a solution no school can afford to go without.

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