Digital whiteboards provide modern businesses with powerful features that allow fast switching between video chat sessions, interactive meetings, and presentations.  

At DSI, we’ve done our research to bring you OneScreen, the best digital whiteboard platform on the market today. 

Scalable, Flexible Collaboration at Your Fingertips 

OneScreen. The name says it all. This innovative digital whiteboard brings everything you need — hardware and software — in a single, multifunctional device. 

You can stream video, voice, and data while using the OneScreen to screen share, poll, record, annotate, and save, helping your team examine facts, whiteboard solutions, and collaborate efficiently — no matter where team members are located. 

All-in-One Whiteboard Features

OneScreen offers a host of flexible features you can scale to suit your needs on-the-fly: 

  • Interactive smart screen provides a central meeting point for workflows with video conferencing features 
  • Just walk up and touch the screen to use—no wires or adapters needed. 
  • Drag-and-drop visuals, web search, play-and-pause video, and hand-written note conversion to files 
  • Livestream up to 50 connections and record for playback
  • Floating annotation tool bar allows note taking on anything shared on-screen 
  • Screen share up to four devices simultaneously over wireless 
  • Conduct polls and show on-screen results 
  • Full access to Google Play 
  • Built-in translation and transcription 
  • Android-based platform for increased flexibility 

Simple Integration with Existing Tech 

Employees give presentation on Digital Whiteboard

OneScreen integrates effortlessly with your existing collaboration hardware and software, such as:

  • Windows 
  • Mac 
  • Android iOS 
  • Chrome OS 

This allows you to save money by keeping as much of your current infrastructure as possible while increasing your organization’s ability to collaborate across workflows.

Easy to Operate

Using OneScreen is just like using your computer with the addition of an extra-large touchscreen.

That means even your not-so-technical team members can easily walk up and work at the board without any special training.

Outstanding Guru Support — 24/7

Want to explore all of OneScreen’s many features or need help with something?

OneScreen support has you covered with unlimited free help from their Screen Skills Guru. Get the support or training you need on all features using video, audio, chat, email, or phone.

Discover Your Perfect OneScreen

OneScreen’s scalable features allow you to choose the right smart screen for your business purposes — from bringing small teams together to serving large, multi-locational conference rooms.

Once you’ve configured the screen that meets the unique needs of your team, the cutting-edge OneScreen suite of tools will help make collaboration a breeze. 

Video Conferencing with Hype 

For software that makes video teamwork a breeze, experience OneScreen’s revolutionary collaboration tool, Hype. 

Hype is browser-based, so there’s no download required to begin conferencing and collaboration. Simply access your favorite browser and start your secure meeting instantly. 

The interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, but if you should run into a problem, we have live help at your service with just one click so your conference stays on track, effortlessly. 

With Hype you can have up to 50 participants at your meeting. With a simple, one-click startup from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll be able to conduct business any time and anywhere. 

Content can be exchanged and annotated in real-time for increased understanding and enhanced brainstorming. 

And, with features like screen and application sharing, instant messaging and recording, translation and transcription, file exchange, online whiteboard, and dial-out capability, you’ll have everything you need for maximum productivity. 

Collaborate Faster and Better with Annotate 

For the ultimate in screen share and control functionality, consider adding Annotate software to your video conferencing toolset. 

Using this innovative software, up to 50 team members can share a whiteboard space with unlimited content annotation through easy-to-use, intuitive tools. You can easily import multimedia files and pre-loaded content as well as save and record individual work sessions to show progression. 

Annotate brings you built-in access to Google images, programmable search engines, multi-touch input, and the convenience of text, shape, and handwriting recognition for clear, easy-to-follow collaboration and information sharing. 

Let EShare Help You Stream Media Faster and Better 

With EShare, you can project up to four devices on your OneScreen, or project any device to multiple OneScreen units simultaneously for more efficient information transfer. 

Get additional function by being able to stream any media from your computer, tablet, or phone to your selected OneScreen while controlling the content through your device. 

This gives you the option to mirror your device on OneScreen or use your device as a OneScreen remote control, putting the command of your meeting right at your fingertips.

Experience the DSI/OneScreen Difference

Our team chose to offer OneScreen for its incredible flexibility, but it’s so much more than just an easy-to-use video conferencing tool.

OneScreen was developed to meet the videoconferencing needs of diverse industries using a well-integrated, feature-rich system that brings communication and collaboration into sharp focus.

And, OneScreen has clear advantages over competing systems as shown below:

1. OneScreen vs. Clear Touch and Clevertouch for Education

Unlike these competitors, OneScreen lets you mirror unlimited display content on student devices for unparalleled sharing capabilities.

In addition, our video conferencing software is included in your OneScreen package, making distance learning a snap. To reach a diverse population, support for real time translation is provided, as is support for multiple cameras to serve large classrooms better.

Lessons are effortlessly delivered via software that works perfectly with Google and Microsoft
and free unlimited training is provided to keep information flowing.

2. OneScreen vs. Promethean Elements

Unlike Promethean, OneScreen supports a wide variety of popular operating systems, including Android and Chrome.

Our perpetual license for Annotate software allows for integrated communication without additional cost. Plus, Annotate was specifically created to work perfectly with OneScreen — competitors rely instead on third-party software not designed with their systems in mind.

Image mirroring from the display to other devices and wireless control of shared screens as well as a built-in image search engine for rapid display makes collaboration simple. Bonus features such as the ability to have guest users, dedicated meeting rooms, remote screen sharing, and more combined with groundbreaking live support ensure your meetings are fully productive.

3. OneScreen vs. SMART, Newline, and ViewSonic for Education

With support for real-time translation, the largest maximum remote student support, and the only system that supports multiple cameras to better serve large classrooms — OneScreen is a clear leader among educational video conferencing systems.

Add to those robust features the integrated student attendance software and free, unlimited training and OneScreen becomes the obvious choice.

With personal logins for each user; a modular design that allows users to add modules like OPS PC Module, Speakerphone, Camera, and Mobile Cart; and Dolby-certified speakers for exceptional sound quality, OneScreen gives students all the advantages of an in-person class through video conferencing.

Learn more about OneScreen’s advantages and compare it head-to-head with the competition with our downloadable comparison chart, here.

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