DSI Document Management Streamlines Office Productivity

Keeping track of documents is harder than it used to be. With the proliferation of digital files and instant communication platforms, it takes more effort than ever to effectively administrate and manage documents.

Even for a small business, the number of documents that need to be received, processed, and sent further on is a recognizable strain on individual administrative capacities. For large enterprises and institutions, document management can mean the difference between long-term success and failure.

Customers who choose larger organizations have implicit expectations about the speed and accuracy of document processes. From their point of view, long wait times and lost documents are inexcusable as your management platform has to be lean, powerful, and comprehensive.

DSI assists businesses and organizations with productivity-boosting document management solutions. Using advanced technology and simplified user interfaces, we make it easy for organizations to administrate their databases and make documents readily available when needed.

How Do I Get Started?

DSI Enables
Digital Transformation

Today’s businesses, enterprises, and institutions need to transform their workflows from slow, paper-based procedures to fast and reliable digital tasks. This transformation is a critical step forward that provides organizations the flexibility to meet customer demands and remain compliant with changing business environments.

As experts in document management, our solutions engineers can develop and establish workflows that help customers keep up with the changing pace of business. We create customized plans that use some of the most advanced technology in the industry ease the process of creating, processing, and archiving documents.

  • Document Capture. DSI specializes in the deployment of Nuance technology for digital document capture. This technology lets organizations convert paper documents to editable digital files using optical character recognition (OCR). Once a paper document is converted to a digital file, employees can send, receive, process, and archive it with far greater ease than when working with paper.
  • Automated Workflows. Once processes for transforming paper documents to digital files are established, we use Nuance AutoStore to develop customized automated workflows that reduce the time and energy spent on routine processing tasks. This cuts processing time, improves data security, and streamlines operations.
  • Mobile Workforce Solutions. Mobile devices have earned their place in the office. DSI can develop policies for handling a mobile workforce and deploy the network infrastructure you need to optimize that workforce’s capabilities. Your employees can work from anywhere, using their mobile devices as secure extensions of your document management database.
  • Extended Third-Party Application Support. As experts in Konica Minolta Bizhub applications, we can implement Bizhub MarketPlace solutions to ensure seamless support for a broad range of third party applications. With DSI’s help, you can scan paper documents to DropBox, OneDrive, Evernote, or SharePoint directly from your office’s multifunction device.

Document Management Made Easy by New Mexico and El Paso’s Most Reputable Service Provider

DSI takes great care to serve customer needs using customized document management solutions. There are many benefits to entrusting DSI with your business infrastructure, from reduced overall operating costs to greater scalability.

DSI Technology Gives You
Control Over Your Documents

Managing documents does not have to be a complicated, thankless task. With the right systems and infrastructure in place, you can seamlessly integrate documents into digital workflows, making them easier to process, simpler to protect, and faster to find upon archival. DSI document management experts are ready to help you create an ideal, scalable document solution for your organization.

DSI is ready to help you manage your documents in a more efficient and organized way.
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