Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a game-changer when it comes to remote work. Not only can you maintain continuity when your team can’t be in the office, but it’s also designed to help your team stay more connected than ever!

VoIP uses the Internet to make and receive telephone calls as opposed to a traditional landline. A voice is changed into data packets delivered over an IP network and then converted back into audio when it reaches the receiver. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a VoIP phone to make or receive a call. 

Here are some ways that VoIP can help your remote workers work more efficiently and help you keep your business up and running no matter the situation.

  • Conference Calling

Most hosted VoIP providers include conference calling in their plans. Conference calls can be audio only, video, or a combination. Businesses don’t need a conference bridge or additional hardware for conference calls. With VoIP, a normal phone call can be converted to a group call in an instant.

  • Advanced Voicemail Tools

With VoIP, voicemail is much more sophisticated. Voicemail messages can be sent to email, along with a copy of the original recording. Some providers transcribe the content so you can read your voicemail in a noisy environment. Users can reply to voicemails from within their inbox or return calls from their computer using an app. This gives users the ability to work on their schedule, minimizing interruptions.

  • Multiple Devices Can Be Used

With VoIP, users can answer calls on any device like a computer or mobile phone that has an Internet connection. When employees are working from home the flexibility that VoIP provides can prove essential for seamless business communications.

  • Innovative Call Handling

With VoIP, you’ll never miss another call. Innovative features like an automated attendant to route calls to different people in your organization — no matter where they are, can keep everyone connected. Multiple devices can be configured to ring all at once or one by one until the call is answered. Many providers offer advanced calling features such as hold music, call recording, phone menus and queues.

VoIP makes working remotely more efficient and can keep you connected during these unprecedented times. If you need help choosing and setting up a VoIP solution that meets your business needs, contact us at info@dsinm.com or (888) 386-7834 today.

Let us show you all the benefits of VoIP for your business!