The business world is defined by innovation, and leading companies are always on the lookout for the next great idea. Whether it’s increasing the value of offerings to customers or finding new ways to enhance internal business processes, companies frequently experiment with methods, ideas, and technology. One such technology that is making its way into businesses is the interactive panel.

Both inside the office and on the showroom floor, interactive panels are making a splash. Read on to discover what this fancy new technology is, how businesses are creatively applying it, and what to consider before investing in this latest trend of visual technology.

What Are Interactive Panels?

Interactive panels, also called interactive whiteboards, blend digital technology and the interactivity of regular whiteboards. These devices look like flat-screen televisions but have touchscreen technology that allows individuals to interact with the material on the screen directly.

Interactive panels often come loaded with features that make them incredibly versatile in the office, in a retail space, or in a lecture hall. These features include:

· Wi-Fi connectivity to let users collaborate on documents using their own devices in real-time.

· Styluses or other writing implements to write directly on documents.

· Apps to support productivity, meetings, or educational activities.

· The ability to synchronize with other panels to create video walls.

· Accessibility features for hearing or visually impaired individuals.

· Support for video or voice conferencing.

How Businesses Are Creatively Applying Interactive Panels Every Day

Interactive panels, displays, or whiteboards have many uses in the business environment. Companies leverage them strategically to improve the value of their offerings. For example, a thoughtfully installed interactive panel can:

Improve the Quality of Meetings

Compared to laptops and dated audiovisual tech, a new, clean interactive display not only enhances the meeting quality but sends a strong message to potential clients about the company’s commitment to modern, effective solutions.

Deliver Impressive Visual Experiences to Customers

Competition in the retail world is fierce, and companies will experiment with anything to get customers through the door. A well-considered interactive display can be precisely the hook that’s needed. By encouraging customers to interact with the material, they can enjoy a more interesting shopping experience that keeps the brand top of mind.

Make a Statement at Fairs and Events

Want to stand out at an event? Bring an interactive panel. These dynamic devices can deliver information in an interesting and novel way. They’ll encourage consumers, potential business partners, or future employees to interact with it while making a statement about the company itself.

Motivate Employees with Technology

Regular whiteboards – or worse, a giant pad of paper – are not very awe-inspiring. In contrast, an interactive panel is an interesting technology loaded with features to draw attention. Redefine employee collaboration sessions with a device that encourages them to participate and get inspired.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Interactive Panels

Interactive panels are making waves in the office environment, but like all other technology, they’re a tool. There are better or worse reasons to invest in one. Before purchasing the latest interactive display on the market (or any at all) consider that:

They’re an Investment

LCD technology has gotten more affordable over the past few years, which is partly why interactive displays are now so popular. However, consider whether it’s the best time to invest in one. Does the office need a new printer soon? It might be wise to prioritize the technology that makes the office run.

They Can Involve a Learning Curve

Interactive whiteboards are intuitively designed to minimize frustration. However, that doesn’t always mean there won’t be a learning curve. Consider the chance that it might take some time for some of your employees to get used to the device.

They Need Setup and Configuration

Like all digital technology, interactive panels need to be configured. They require updates and drivers. They also come with settings that need configuring so that an office can enjoy optimal use. Does the company have time to adjust settings or play with options? If not, now might not be the right time to purchase one.

They’re Not All the Same

As interactive panels gain popularity, more models are hitting the market than ever before. However, they’re not all created equal. Some displays, like OneScreen, are designed with collaboration in mind. Others emphasize the ability to display dynamic content for advertising or brand awareness. Be sure to consider the features offered by each model to see if it’s a good fit for its intended use.

Get the Latest Technology for an Office With DSI

Interactive panels are just one of the many exciting new pieces of technology that are making inroads in the business world. As more offices embrace interactive whiteboards, there is an increased change in the way companies think about visual communication and conferencing.

Are you thinking about installing an interactive panel on the sales floor or in the meeting room? It’s a smart move for impressing customers and clients. Work with an experienced technology solutions provider like DSI to choose the right device, place it in the most strategic location, and configure its settings for optimal use.

The right technology, deployed at the right time, in the right place. That’s how businesses innovate.

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