Cybersecurity and physical security used to be distinctly different industries, always treated as separate systems within a given business.

That is mostly because, in the past, the technology necessary to integrate the worlds of both physical and cybersecurity was not available.

However, modern and innovative new technologies have fostered the convergence of these two disciplines, allowing clients to benefit through a single body to cover security at all levels — from computer systems to on-premises surveillance.

Many businesses are currently running on patchwork systems, leaving many devices, data, and physical spaces unprotected. This trend makes businesses vulnerable to incursion — particularly since the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created many unsecured devices that can give criminals backdoor access to critical or sensitive data.

The solution? A smart mix of cohesive, integrated systems that allow administrators to monitor and control security for all parts of a business — from on-site surveillance and access control to hard-hitting cybersecurity solutions.

The problem with this solution is that most security providers concentrate on one element of security. They may provide video surveillance, cybersecurity, cloud security, or access control, but they don’t understand how to integrate each technology into a cohesive whole.

That’s where DSI’s custom-tailored integrated security solutions shine, helping clients create an overarching security program that covers their entire operation.

How DSI’s Integrated Security Solutions Can Streamline Security — and Protect Your Business

DSI has taken the confusion out of integrating your security by partnering with industry-leading providers of specific technologies.

Our close partnerships allow us to choose those products that fit your specific business needs and security goals and blend them together seamlessly for a comprehensive security solution that targets your objectives.

No more “off the shelf” security solutions. DSI will assess your current protocols and parameters and custom-design a system using state-of-the-art products that quickly and effectively protect your vulnerabilities — all of them.

Plus, we offer choices of products within each category to ensure you always get the best fit for your needs. For example, we partner with Honeywell, Axis, and Mobotix for surveillance solutions such as cameras, video technology, recorders, audio, and analytics to improve physical security.

For targeted access control, we work with the above named as well as Genetec, Assa Abloy, and others to create smart opening solutions, entrance automation solutions, and identification technology for our commercial and institutional clients.

Many of our partners’ products feature built-in cybersecurity technologies to prevent unauthorized access to your system, detect firmware tampering, and safeguard your infrastructure.

We believe in providing robust, comprehensive security management for enterprises of all sizes, from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large, institutional clients with the same eye toward detail and value.

Our array of forward-thinking technologies can help your business improve safety and security while supporting the advancement of your business goals, all while simplifying oversight for your IT and security staff.

Trust DSI to Provide a Comprehensive, Turn-Key Solution for All Your Security Needs

At DSI, we are known for providing comprehensive network security solutions through our Managed IT services team.

But, as today’s physical security solutions converge with IT technologies, it just makes sense to deploy an umbrella security solution that protects all aspects of your enterprise — from data and infrastructure to the indoor and outdoor perimeters of your physical space.

In fact, with COVID-19 continuing to impact the way businesses function, more enterprises are turning to security options such as access control systems than ever before to screen visitors for elevated temperatures, appropriate hygiene, or elevated temperatures to keep customers and staff safer.

If your business is ready to simplify security while taking advantage of some of the most cutting-edge products available, the DSI team of experts is standing by to assist.

We will begin with an in-depth assessment of your current needs and infrastructure and develop a comprehensive security solution around your goals that will address each aspect of your business — from data to your brick-and-mortar space.

Then, we’ll deploy your system, provide ample training and guidance, and stand by to monitor, troubleshoot, and upgrade or adjust as your needs evolve. With our custom solutions, you’ll have control of all of your security in one logical, organized system.

Don’t leave any vulnerability unprotected. Contact a DSI representative today and discover how our custom-tailored security solutions can bring you security, safety, and peace of mind.