Wide format printing is often adopted by companies which need or desire increased flexibility in their printing environment. When it comes to selecting a printer in this category, there are a lot of options.

HP and KIP represent two of the biggest manufacturers of wide format printing. However, choosing between them isn’t always as straightforward or as intuitive as it may seem. Each brand is capable of providing excellent quality print jobs – when used correctly.

Take a moment to consider the nature of wide format printing, as well as the advantages of each brand. Here’s some expert guidance from the printing specialists at DSI to help with that.

What Is Wide Format Printing?

Wide format printing, also called large format printing, is a category of printing which uses paper sizes above 8.5 inches wide. Typically, wide format printers use a roll of paper rather than a cut sheet. Therefore, they may be limited to a maximum width, but they can create graphics with theoretically unlimited length.

The nature of wide format printing makes it a powerful and versatile addition to a printing environment. Wide format printers are commonly used for print jobs such as:

? Posters, prints, and photography

? Blueprints and charts

? Advertising and signage

? Specialized print jobs like vinyl car wraps

These print jobs benefit from larger paper sizes to make a better impression. For these jobs, wide format printing is a practical way to get the highest-quality printing at the lowest costs possible.

DSI carries two brands of wide format printers: KIP and HP. As industry leaders, each possesses an impressive line of options to consider when shopping for a wide format printer. There’s no one best option, only the printer that is most appropriate for the type of printing an office does.

What KIP Does Best

KIP is a global leader in wide format document solutions and provides state-of-the-art printing and scanning solutions for documents above A3 size. Their printers are fast, powerful, and designed for offices which regularly print wide format documents. As a specialist in wide format, KIP’s major advantages include:

? Unparalleled color wide format prints. KIP wide format color printers cannot be beaten. They’re known for producing precise imaging and excellent color reproduction to ensure that a print job is as accurate as possible.

? Simple operations. Offices which print complex technical documents are busy. They don’t have time to fiddle with complex controls or sophisticated settings. KIP simplifies the interface and uses automatic finishing options to streamline printing as much as possible.

? Cost-effective print quality. KIP delivers cost-effective wide format printing by leveraging features such as automation and multifunction capabilities to improve the versatility of its devices.

Where HP Shines

HP is a staple of the printing world and offers a vast breadth of devices. If KIP is the wide format specialist, then HP derives its innovation from its perspective and experience with office technology. Using its PageWide technology, HP delivers professional-grade wide format printing solutions for its customers. HP shines best with its:

? Monochrome wide format printing. HP wide format printers create seamlessly blended grayscales and produce fine details with detailed lines and perfectly legible text.

? Speed. The speed offered by HP PageWide technology is unsurpassed. It’s capable of producing up to 30 D/A1 pages per minute, unlocking an entirely new level of operational efficiency.

? Increased integration. HP is known for its office productivity solutions and its wide format printers are no exception. Enjoy a faster processor, PDF management, and SmartStream software to integrate the wide format printer with the rest of the office environment.

When to Choose Each

KIP and HP both have their advantages, but each is more appropriate in different scenarios. In general, choose KIP when:

? Wide format documents are involved in core business operations. KIP’s multifunction wide format printers are versatile and powerful.

? Most print jobs need color. KIP wide format color printers are unrivaled on today’s market.

? The office needs high performance and high quality. Demanding print environments are best served by KIP.

In contrast, HP is a solid choice for companies which don’t necessarily need wide format documents for everything. Consider HP when:

? Print jobs need technical precision over aesthetic brilliance. HP has perfected monochrome wide format printing, and the crystalline clarity it produces is hard to beat.

? Wide format printing capabilities are meant to expand the current print environment. For companies which don’t rely on wide format printing for its core functions, HP’s integration capabilities make it easier to bring into an existing environment.

? Consumable efficiency is valued. HP helps keep costs lowered with quality print heads and ink efficiency, using high-yield cartridges to reduce the frequency of refills.

DSI Is a Trusted Provider of KIP and HP Wide Format Printers

Both KIP and HP make superb choices for companies interested in wide format printing. However, like other types of specialized office equipment, a wide format printer represents a sizeable investment. Make sure to choose the right one by considering the device’s intended use before purchasing.

In the market for a wide format printer? DSI can help clarify your options. Reach out to a printing specialist today to discover your ideal printer.