Your printer is a significant financial investment. It’s often tempting to hang on to your old device – after all, if it’s not broken, why replace it? We all know it’s a hassle researching and leasing/purchasing a new device, so the process is often moved down your priority list.

However, old technology can eat into your profits as maintenance, supply costs, and increasing energy use impact your bottom line. Plus, old technology can negatively impact your productivity every time it goes down. Here’s how your old print technology is costing you money.

  1. old broken printer conceptHard to Find Replacement Parts – If your printer is more than seven or eight years old, the manufacturer has probably stopped supporting it and making and carrying replacement parts. Without replacement parts, fixing your device can get increasingly difficult and costly. In fact, most service companies will not sell you a service contract if your device is more than eight years old.
  2.  Energy and Toner Use – A 10-year-old device might produce 5000 pages per toner cartridge, while new technology can give you 20,000. And do it using less energy. In fact, a new printer can lower your per-page costs by up to 50%, which can help pay for your new device quickly!
  3.  Fewer Devices = Better ROI– Sometimes, it makes more sense to retire an old printer and not replace it. Assess your needs! Sometimes you can easily consolidate your print fleet to reduce costs. By shifting use to lower-cost devices and eliminating older technology you can save significant money!
  4.  Limited Functionality – Today’s multifunction technology does much more than just print. It can also scan, fax, and copy. In fact, one well-placed device can sometimes replace several old printers. Today, multi-function printers deliver better quality prints and can handle bigger files like PDFs.

When Should You Invest in a New Printer?

These four cues can let you know it’s time to replace your old device. There are also some pretty obvious signs to watch for including:

  • Poor Print Quality
  • Difficulty Finding Parts or Supplies
  • Your Printer’s Firmware is no Longer Supported
  • It’s Older Than Seven Years Old
  • It is Missing Critical Security Measures

If your costs are going up, but you’re still not sure if it’s time to invest in a new device, schedule a FREE assessment today, and let us show you how investing in new technology can increase profits!

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