The pandemic had a significant effect on us all, and while it was a negative experience for many aspects of human connection, it also had a positive ecological impact. As we went home to work, we significantly reduced the amount of paper waste produced.

As our teams begin to return to the office, it’s crucial we keep the sustainable trend going. As you welcome employees back to the office, it’s the perfect time to introduce new policies that are environmentally friendly.

Here are six tips to green up your office and lower your print costs!

  • Ask: Is This Necessary? – Have your employees consider if they really need a hard copy before sending it to the printer. Decreasing the number of prints can significantly affect your bottom line!print button on keyboard
  • Require Print Authorization – Software requiring a user to scan a card, enter a password or PIN, or use a smart device to print can reduce unnecessary printing and provide an audit trail. Studies have shown that 30% of all printed material is never picked up. By requiring an identifier before releasing documents to print means unattended documents are a thing of the past!
  • Set Printer Defaults – Is your team printing single-sided color documents when it’s not necessary? Set your printer defaults for black and white, 2-sided prints and you’ll cut your toner costs and paper dramatically.
  • Eliminate Personal Devices – Personal printers can encourage wasteful habits. If your employees need to walk to a shared device, they’ll be more cautious about printing. This can cut down on waste.
  • Monitor Your Printers – Print tracking software can track the types of jobs and volume for each printer. With this data, you can pinpoint wasteful printers and make strategic improvements.
  • Engage a Managed Print Services Provider – An MPS provider manages all aspects of your print environment including printers, scanners, copiers, fax, and more. Optimizing devices can save you money, use less energy, and produce less waste.

Today, we’re all striving to live more sustainably, and operate our businesses in a more cost-conscious way. These six tips can help you to reduce waste, lower your print costs, and optimize your print environment.

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