As business owners, we’re always looking for ways to cut costs. One painless way you can do it is to look at your print environment. Companies are notorious for overspending on print supplies, because those expenses are typically not tracked. It’s easy for someone in the office to order unnecessary supplies, the wrong supplies, or supplies you already have.

Tracking the costs related to your print environment can be an eye-opening way to find cost-saving opportunities. In fact, you can probably save a lot more money than you think!

Why Aren’t Print Supplies Tracked?

There are common reasons why many businesses don’t monitor their office supply expenses as closely as they should. They include:

  • Universal need generates constant requests
  • Low costs often justify spending without official approval
  • More than one person is authorized to purchase supplies
  • It’s easy to hide some supply costs under office supply expenses

Untracked printing can also mean significant waste. For example, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year at an average cost of $725.00. 

Monitoring Your Printing Supplies

Without monitoring, you’ll never get print costs under control. Is an employee printing 400 flyers for their kids’ recital? Or are they ordering cartridges without checking the cost when another supplier may charge much less?

Fortunately, once you uncover these types of issues, the sooner you can address and fix them as you revise your print budgets. The past few years have brought about changes in how we work. The longer wasteful practices go on, the more money they can waste.

Get a Print Assessment

To build a better budget and get your print costs under control, it’s important to look at some historical printing data to get a sense as to where there are inefficiencies and waste. While this type of assessment can be done internally, it can be time consuming and take focus away from day-to-day activities.

Many companies choose to engage a third-party Managed Print Services provider for this task. They will examine your current print environment and using software, monitor and track copies, supplies, and costs. They will then take the data they gather and make a series of suggestions that will fit into your company’s business goals by providing cost-savings and workflow improvement recommendations.

Ready to learn more? Let us show you what you are actually spending on your monthly printing expenses. To schedule a no-obligation print assessment today CLICK HERE!

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