Document Solutions Inc. (DSI) partnered with Clover Imaging Group to build a better service and product offering for their customers. As a global leader in imaging solutions, Clover brings a wealth of expertise to the relationship. Every company needs to look for innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition. So, it makes perfect sense to find a relationship that complements DSI’s products and ensures customers can save more money.

Clover Imaging Group provides remanufactured ink and toner cartridges to DSI, which assists our customers in achieving more considerable cost savings. As part of the strategic partnership, DSI gains access to more sustainable business practices and can rely on the well-known and reputable enterprise for the customer’s benefit. Clover has a global network that ensures quality services and products with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that rival Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products.

What are Remanufactured Ink and Toner Cartridges?

Unlike compatible or generic cartridges, remanufactured toner and ink products are revamped OEM supplies. The problem with non-OEM ink and toner cartridges is that they utilize lower quality manufacturing practices to drive down the cost of the product. This leads to products that don’t work properly or can even damage the printers and copiers.

With a remanufactured cartridge, the same housing and components that the OEM included in the cartridge remain, but the company professionally cleans, services, and refills the product for reuse. This dramatically reduces the cost of the manufacturing process. Companies can also improve on the design and construction of the original cartridge. With Clover Imaging Group’s global network of advanced manufacturing facilities, customers have access to guaranteed quality products that work with any copier or printer.

The Benefits to DSI Customers with a Clover Imaging Group Partnership

Clover has risen around the globe as the leader of remanufactured ink and toner supplies. Naturally, this will give DSI customers access to more affordable supplies for their daily printing and copying needs. However, apart from the cost-savings, Clover also has a global network that ensures the availability and replenishment of supplies.

Reduced Resupply and Replenishment Costs

Since the Supreme Court decision went against Lexmark, companies are now free to reuse ink and toner cartridges after purchasing them from an OEM. The decision came after a small firm started refilling cartridges for its customers, and Lexmark decided to sue the company. After the decision, it means once an OEM sells a toner or ink cartridge, what the owner chooses to do after the purchase isn’t subject to any restrictions by the manufacturer.

This is good news for companies as the cost of toner and ink is a significant overhead in most small and medium businesses. With the law on the side of the remanufacturing companies, OEM’s now must compete with companies like Clover, which will ultimately lead to lowered costs for consumers.

Achieving Sustainability Goals

Not only will supplies be cheaper for DSI’s customers, but there’s also the added benefit of achieving greater sustainability by using remanufactured cartridges. The process of manufacturing a new cartridge adds a lot of pollution to the environment. If the company recycles the cartridge, they may think that it’s better for the environment, but the process also adds chemicals and greenhouse gasses to the planet. Remanufacturing is the most sustainable practice for spent cartridges, as the process doesn’t add the same amount of pollution to the earth and reduces the need for manufacturing new cartridges in the future.

Sustainable solutions remains a priority at Clover and DSI. Both companies understand that the printing and copying industry majorly contributes to environmental pollution. For improved sustainability, the device and toner manufacturers need improved processes that reduce their impact on the planet. Modern devices use less ink and electricity for prints, while the best remanufacturers can also modify OEM products for higher yield and capacity.

Clover and DSI’s Capabilities and Improved Product Offerings

Clover Imaging Group focuses on the repeatability of their high-precision processes. They focus on eliminating all vulnerabilities in their process that improves product quality. For the best results, they test every device according to the OEM standards and ensures all products receive the appropriate guarantee and warranty. While OEMs will continue to warn against using remanufactured toner and ink cartridges, Clover delivers products that rival the defect rates of major manufacturers.

Similarly, DSI provides a range of products, solutions, and services that help companies achieve greater efficiency and streamline their processes for enhanced productivity. With Managed Print Services, Managed IT Services, Office Productivity, and Document Management Solutions, DSI has provided companies for more than twenty years with innovative products. As a family-owned company, DSI ensures the highest level of customer excellence while delivering services to clients. With a team of dedicated technology experts, DSI can help any organization reduce operational costs, achieve greater efficiencies, and leverage digital solutions for improved productivity.

To discuss DSI’s services and products, or see how we can help your business grow and scale quickly, contact one of our consultants today.