DSI’s VP of Sales, Jocelyn Gorman, started DSI Technologies (DSIT) unofficially in 2013 from an opportunity presented to her by negotiating an acquisition with TriCore, which continues to be one of DSI’s largest accounts. At the time, Jocelyn was DSI’s Major Account Executive and was informed by TriCore that they liked DSI’s managed IT services. TriCore asked if DSI would be interested in creating it into a framework. Soon, DSI bid on IT and won a contract against Accenture, one of the largest IT companies.  

How did Jocelyn go about starting and growing DSIT? In her words, it was serving one customer at a time, starting with a customer that has 1500 PCs that generated DSIT’s revenue for growth simply by enlisting DSI’s managed IT services that had yet to become a separate entity from DSI. To better understand the industry and startup DSIT, Jocelyn attended QuickBooks classes to learn how to build general ledgers. It took learning new technologies and a new industry to create an entirely new career for herself, all while being a Major Account Executive. By listening to customers’ requests, Jocelyn was able to diversify DSI’s services and customize them to the community’s needs.