In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States initiated several economic stimulus programs to help businesses make it through the lockdowns and mandatory closures. One program, The American Rescue Plan (ARP), provided $350 billion to states, localities, and tribal governments to help navigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As we begin to emerge from the depths of the pandemic and have slowly begun to return to normal, many of these programs have been suspended or wound down. While the deadline for the CARES Act will soon pass on December 31, 2021, government and tribal nations that qualify for the Stimulus and ARP can still apply for and receive funding!

The catch is, that to receive the funding, you have to apply. It’s actually a relatively simple process and you can access the forms here.

The good news is that many products from DSI qualify for purchase using American Rescue Plan funds. These products include: 


Wide-format Printers: Our selection of printers includes some of the most powerful devices available.



Security Cameras: Cameras are instrumental for vetting visitors, emergency response, operations, and analytics.


OneScreen Video Wall: OneScreen is an easy-to-install large display with high-quality visuals. OneScreen Video Walls come with free technical help and training.


OneScreen Whiteboards: OneScreen’s affordable and innovative digital whiteboards allow you to stream video, data, and voice, share the screen, poll, annotate, and record, help your team to collaborate regardless of their location.


VoIP: DSI’s flexible VoIP solutions include integrated communications services and mixed environment capabilities. Solutions come with installation, training, 24/7 support, and a dedicated team.



IT Support: Select the services you need from our exclusive stack of IT Services or let us manage your company’s entire IT infrastructure for you!



Finding the right technology is crucial to success in today’s competitive marketplace, but it is equally important to find the right price and a supplier who knows and understands your business.

At DSI, we’re here and can help you to build a custom technology package to get the most out of your stimulus dollars. We want to be your partner and provide the perfect solution to meet your business’s unique needs at the right price. 

Want to learn more? Contact your DSI representative today! Let us show you how we can help you make the most of your ARP funding!