Video surveillance has come a long way in the past two decades. Long gone are the days of grainy images, black and white visuals, and the need for a person to physically watch a dozen screens. These days, video surveillance leverages artificial intelligence and automation to work in tandem with the other parts of a company’s security environment. Leaders like Genetec are paving the way to creating high-value video surveillance that augments facility security.

Genetec is a leading-edge technology company that believes visual surveillance plays a unifying role in core security systems. Its solutions come packed with smart, integrated capabilities to unlock new levels of security and data analytics. Read on to learn why the video surveillance experts at DSI promote Genetec, and how its solutions can help revolutionize a facility’s security.

Genetec: Advanced Solutions for Modern Business

Genetec is the first of its kind to create a video surveillance solution that supports a unified, cohesive security environment. Its Omnicast video management solution is scalable, flexible, and smart. With it, facilities can:

1. Identify Vulnerabilities

Simply putting up cameras isn’t always effective – they need to be positioned strategically for maximum effect. However, that can be incredibly difficult to do, especially if the facility is dynamic and involves sophisticated processes. Unique software in Genetec can identify opportunities to optimize placement before they become a problem. For example, with Omnicast, security experts can quickly determine:

? Whether critical assets are outside visible range due to business activities.

? If delivery trucks or other vehicles will temporarily block the view of an entrance or emergency exit.

? If too many cameras have been placed in low-traffic areas, and not enough high-traffic areas.

? Whether areas lack the correct access control.

? If standard operating procedures are appropriate for the industry and location.

2. Develop an Intimate Understanding of the Institution’s Security Environment

Beyond identifying vulnerabilities in a security environment, Genetec’s software empowers security professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the facility they’re monitoring. This knowledge supports more accurate monitoring by reducing the chances of false positives and quickly spotting when something is truly amiss. Genetec can help experts learn a security environment by:

? Highlighting instances of unsafe employee behavior or situations when standard operating procedures are disregarded.

? Traffic patterns for hallways, facilities, or parking lots – including who is where and when.

? Unified visual security with network monitoring to immediately spot unauthorized access or suspicious logins.

3. Vet Visitors Thoroughly

Visitor vetting is an important security practice that many companies deploy to keep their facilities safe. Video surveillance is used to recognize faces or body language while visually and audibly vetting an individual. In this scenario, visitors’ behaviors are fully monitored before they’re even let inside.

However, video surveillance can be just the first part of an integrated policy for visitor security. Genetec offers an intuitive visitor management system that goes beyond simply vetting. In addition to vetting, the system empowers organizations to streamline visitor registration, tracking, and reporting to support its access control policies. A security professional can also manage visitors in real-time, assigning and revoking access rights while tracking their movements with ease.

4. Support Operations Management

Beyond security, video surveillance has several pragmatic business applications. For example, video surveillance solutions are often paired with artificial intelligence and deployed in quality control. Whereas a human cannot possibly catch every little flaw, an algorithm can analyze shapes for discrepancies then flag the individual item.

Likewise, business managers may be interested in using video surveillance footage to analyze existing business operations. By gaining insight into the real-time procedures and activities undertaken on the floor, it’s easier to spot opportunities for process optimization.

5. Leverage Real-Time Emergency Data

Modern video surveillance has proven useful for its ability to deliver real-time emergency data. Genetec likewise continues with this trend, by using built-in failovers and redundancy to ensure that security professionals always experience uninterrupted access to live or recorded video.

Real-time emergency data empowers professionals to respond more quickly, whether it is an unauthorized access attempt or a workplace emergency. In both cases, the ability to respond rapidly can mitigate damage and save lives.

Protect Facilities with Genetec: DSI Can Help

Security is a constantly evolving industry, as innovators find more ways to deliver superior security efficiently. Genetec is among the frontrunners of video surveillance, offering powerful solutions for dynamic and complex environments. Using a scalable, modular approach, organizations can rest assured that their entire security environment will stay integrated and surveilled no matter what direction they grow.

In 2020, video surveillance is a powerful addition to any security strategy, helping to create a unified monitoring experience that keeps businesses and employees safe, efficient, and productive.

DSI helps companies deploy next-generation security solutions. Contact us today to learn what video surveillance can do for you.