When it comes to your HVAC company, providing efficient service and maintaining productivity is all about the availability and access to information. With correct planning and a proper document management solution it can be easy to keep track of all the moving parts of your business.

We recently interviewed Scott Gorman, Vice President of Gorman Industries, a leading heating and air conditioning products and parts supplier, and DSI customer. We spoke about the document challenges Gorman faces and how a DSI and Square 9 Softworks document management solution helped to streamline their business processes.

Question and Answer with Scott Gorman

HVAC businesses face many of the same challenges when it comes to the efficient handling of documents and information. Our recent discussion with Scott outlines the day-to-day challenges of document management and how a DMS solution from DSI and Square 9 Softworks can improve efficiency and productivity.

Question: Hi Scott! To start, can you identify the document management challenges and pain points that Gorman Industries has faced in the past?

Answer: The main challenge with document management was how time consuming the process was when verifying when the customer received the product that we invoiced them for. We generate around 100 invoices daily, each with 1-50 line items. When a customer would call to challenge an invoice it was very time consuming to go to the invoice pile, locate the document, and resolve the situation.

Question: How has the software solution from DSI and Square 9 Softworks helped you to resolve this issue?

Answer: With DSI’s solution we’re now able to complete the search and verification process in seconds! We’re looking forward to exploring the additional products that Square 9 provides in the future.

Question: How has this improved your customers’ experiences?

Answer: Auto forms population has greatly reduced the time spent filling out forms as well as reducing the instances of human error. With Square 9’s auto forms population we’re able to send copies of signed invoices to customers almost immediately! 

Question: Earlier you mentioned exploring additional Square 9 products. What additional Square 9 features do you foresee using?

Answer: We’re currently looking to expand and we’d like to implement Human Resources Automation for on-boarding new employees. Also, we’d like to utilize our existing ECM software to manage Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Question: Did DSI help you integrate this software into your workflows and offer training to get your team up to speed?

Answer: Yes! DSI was instrumental in terms of integrating the new software into our daily workflows and worked with our team to make sure they understood and that we were fluent in all of the features their solution offered. We’re very happy with how the software is working and when we’re ready to expand, we know exactly who to call!

A DSI and Square 9 Document Management System can free up your time to focus on what’s important – growing your business!

Give us a call today and let our experienced document management experts show you how a DSI and Square 9 Softworks solution can help you automate your processes and improve the productivity and efficiency of your HVAC business!