Printing is one of the largest expenses faced by businesses in El Paso, New Mexico, behind only payroll and facility costs. Studies show that printing costs typically range between 1-3% of the total revenue. Still, less than half of all enterprises track printing costs or even have a good understanding of their total printing costs.

There is a better way for El Paso organizations to gain control of printing expenses – managed print services (MPS). Implementing managed print services in healthcare organizations offers specific advantages. These businesses run on documents: patient records, admissions forms, test results, insurance/billing forms, and much more. Most of these are subject to strict regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH.

Four Ways Managed Print Services Can Improve Your Healthcare Organization

Printing costs consist of much more than paper and printers. Healthcare organizations need to consider all factors that contribute to printing expenses:

  • Printer hardware, including fax machines, scanners, and copiers
  • Power consumption from multiple printers and other devices
  • Service and maintenance – often managed by multiple resources
  • Consumables – paper, toner, ink cartridges, fuser, etc.

Gathering the total cost of those elements can be an eye-opening exercise for a business, but it still does not include other key aspects of handling documents:

  • Time spent producing, copying, scanning, and filing documents
  • Lost or misplaced documents that mean rework or additional time to retrieve them
  • Distribution to multiple parties – many who may not even need them

Here are the ways managed print services can help:

1. Gain Efficiency and Productivity

Managed print services start with a comprehensive analysis of existing printing hardware and detailed print requirements, including a review of all devices in use. It’s common for many healthcare organizations to acquire equipment over time, resulting in a multitude of disparate devices on multiple desktops and cabinets, some no longer used, but still consuming power.

With MPS, outdated equipment can be replaced with modern multifunction printers that scan, fax, copy, and print – all with energy-saving technology and robust features that make healthcare businesses more efficient.

  • Scan directly to electronic form or pdf
  • Route documents to distribution lists automatically
  • Enable electronic document storage, reducing paper and consumables expenses

Enhancing business processes with MPS enables healthcare professionals to focus on more important tasks – quality and efficient patient care.

2. Cost Savings

Transitioning print functions to managed print services offers El Paso, New Mexico, healthcare organizations many opportunities for saving money:

  • Replace outdated, power-hungry devices with energy-efficient multifunction printers
  • Control maintenance and service with a single resource for all printers
  • Reduce the use of ink, toner, and other consumables
  • Save paper – store and distribute documents electronically
  • Save time in printing, copying, filing, and retrieving documents
  • Gain space by eliminating obsolete or unused equipment

MPS will conduct a complete review of your printing needs and business processes to provide a new level of cost control and process improvements.

3. Secure Technology for the Mobile Workforce

Healthcare teams today work more closely in collaborating on patient care and other consultations. This generates a need for mobile accessibility to patient documents across the organization or the country.

With MPS, documents can be stored, distributed, and reviewed electronically – from anywhere. Integrated security ensures that only personnel authorized to documents and distribution lists are granted access to privileged information.

Multifunction printers provided by managed print services incorporate additional security features such as documents that cannot print until the employee printing them arrives at the printer. This eliminates the potential for unauthorized personnel viewing confidential information or those documents becoming lost.

Technology tools such as RightFax and complete document management that organizes and secures sensitive information are critical to enhance healthcare business processes and protect personal data.

Compliance with healthcare guidelines and regulations is facilitated with the implementation of MPS. HIPAA regulations can be reinforced with document management controls and security features including card scanners and password controls on printing devices.

4. Environmental Sustainability

Managed print services in El Paso, New Mexico contribute to the environment in several ways:

  • Reduced power consumption – elimination of obsolete equipment such as fax machines and copiers, replacing them with a smaller number of modern printers that are shared and energy-efficient
  • Lower paper consumption through the integration of electronic documents
  • Reduced use of toner and consumables through managed maintenance and service

DSI – Managed Print Services for El Paso, New Mexico Healthcare Organizations

Document Solutions, Inc. (DSI) has been providing clients in New Mexico with printing solutions for more than 20 years. Since our founding, we have grown to offer complete managed print services and technology solutions for government, educational, and healthcare institutions.

Just as preventative care is essential for healthcare patients, the same attention to printer fleets ensures the availability and accessibility of patient information when and where it is needed.

Contact DSI today to discover how our managed print services, managed IT services, and document management can help your organization boost efficiency and reduce operational costs.