Schools and educational institutions are under a lot of pressure to open safely despite the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Whether your school is reopening fully, or a smaller scale opening is in the works, containing viral spread is critical.

Many parents, teachers, and school administrators have been struggling with the challenges of keeping everyone safe after schools open. How can kids be screened safely for coronavirus? What measures are in place to stop the spread of COVID-19?

Even after the COVID-19 coronavirus is under control (hopefully in the near future), we can expect that the way we handle education and schools will be forever changed. Body temperature scanning as a means to separate out potentially sick students from healthy ones will forever be part of the future of education.

Enter thermal scanners, infrared thermometers, or “thermometer guns,” as they can be colloquially known.

The Problem with Hand-Held Thermal Scanners for Access Control in Schools

Hand-held thermal scanners that register high temperatures and fevers are commonly used to help identify potential virus carriers among people. These viral temperature readers can be helpful in facilitating access control for K-12 schools and higher education. But they must be used manually – by a designated person or sentry using the thermometer or handheld thermal scanner to take a read on each individual entering a building.

Because this manual access control method requires additional resources in the form of people (holding the thermometer gun), these individuals can also potentially be exposing themselves to the COVID-19 virus. And, in cases of large school populations, such manual scanning can be time-consuming and slow down entry points.

Fortunately, advanced technology using artificial intelligence can make this process much easier, safer, and streamlined.

OneScreen GoSafe Temperature Access Control for the Education Sector

It may seem like something out of a Star Trek movie, but modern technology makes it possible to not only screen temperatures but also check for face masks – automatically.

The OneScreen GoSafe device is designed to do just that. It scans people for a high body temperature, and it can detect whether a person is wearing a face mask or not. Additionally, the system has an optional AI-based facial recognition feature that allows it to screen potential entrants based on a database of approved personnel.

The face mask recognition is designed to go beyond just identifying if a person is wearing a mask. If the mask isn’t being worn properly – say, it is positioned at the chin – the software will also recognize this and deny entry. It can be connected to automatic doors to open them or keep them closed according to the read out.

For those who are worried about the access control being too strict, the system also connects via video conferencing to a live person who can help manually if needed.

What Other Industries Are Already Using This Technology?

OneScreen GoSafe temperature access control systems are being used in a variety of industries, such as healthcare. Businesses are using the GoSafe thermal scanners to screen employers. Even governments, such as Jersey City’s in New Jersey, are using GoSafe access control technology to keep coronavirus from spreading.

These high-tech thermal scanners and mask detectors are also being used in K-12 schools, where they are not only used for entryway gatekeeping but checking students throughout the day for rises in body temperature. Thus, thermal scanners are being used in school cafeterias, libraries, and other common school areas to allow kids to test themselves regularly throughout the day.

GoSafe’s AI-powered access control devices are also portable, which means they can be used on busses to screen kids before they even step foot onto a school bus.

Because these GoSafe thermal scanners are highly accurate, easy to use, and require no personal contact, they are one of the best ways to control coronavirus spread with the least amount of disruption to schools.

Thermal Scanners for Access Control in Education Are Great for All Schools

While the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic might be scary, modern technology provides simple and effective ways to help control and mitigate its spread. As partners with OneScreen GoSafe, we are proud to be able to offer these amazing devices to our educational customers. With this intelligent AI technology, schools can set up access control to measure temperatures without a lot of fuss. Thus, these smart thermal scanners are a huge boon for education.

For schools and educational institutions needing smart access control, DSI offers the best in advanced AI technologies, such as OneScreen GoSafe. Contact us today to find out more!