Even small manufacturers produce thousands of documents in any given month. Whenever you purchase materials or ship an order to a customer you generate a new set of documents. And the more suppliers and distributors you have, the more complicated your paperwork becomes.

We’ve partnered with Square 9, a leading-edge provider of document management software to give you an easy-to-implement, straightforward way to manage everything. All from a single platform!

DSI / Square 9 Document Management Solutions

Our document management solutions help you to speed up a number of routine processes that rely on manual data entry, approval signatures, or multi-department approvals. With our document management solutions you can:

  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry – With document management, you can automatically capture customer POs and vendor invoices. Create sales orders and vouchers without manual keying. Automating data capture reduces human error and can improve productivity and process efficiency.
  • Validate and Pay Vendors Invoices – Pay for materials upon receipt of an invoice from your suppliers. Capture early payment discounts, and eliminate late fees and duplicate payments. This can help you to standardize cash flow and streamline processes. 
  • Process and Fill Orders Faster – Automating manual reviews, approvals, and changes will reduce customer lead times, allowing you to improve customer service and the customer experience. Let customers know exactly when they will receive their order. 
  • Streamline ISO Certification Audits – Provide auditors with an accurate, neat, and organized archive of quality assurance documents and demonstrate the standardization practices required for ISO Certification.
  • Manage Employee Records – Digitize paper records and eliminate disorganized shared drives. Centralize, organize and secure all employee records and recall critical information within seconds with a single mouse click.

With a DSI/Square 9 document management solution you’ll increase productivity, and profitability by streamlining business processes across your facilities. Our ECM software is a secure way to eliminate paper-based processes and manage all of your records with greater efficiency. Our web forms management creates custom webforms that can streamline accounting processes with accurate and fast data capture when automating outdated and cumbersome paper processes. 

Are you ready to learn more? Give us a call and schedule a demonstration. Document management is a must for cutting costs and improving efficiency. We’re ready to start a conversation and show you how we can help streamline your document workflows.