Managed Print Services (MPS) is actively managing and optimizing document output. With the use of print management software and device mapping, we provide a “picture” of your print environment. This approach allow us to make educated recommendations for proper device utilization, as well as provide usage based auto-supply fulfillment and identify critical service errors. This program is designed to increase efficiency, lower cost and provide peace of mind so that you can focus on your core business.


DSI uses PrintFleet software which will be installed on your network by your IT department. This software provides us with basic information such as device model, serial number, IP address, MAC address, supply levels and meter counts. DSI will visit your location to map your devices. Mapping consist of assigning each device with an equipment ID tag which will then be associated with that device’s serial number and specific location. This information will then be built into the software for easy identification for both service needs and auto-supply fulfillment.


Toner and non-toner consumables such as fusers, transfer rollers, maintenance kits, drum units, parts and labor for both network and non-network devices. Network devices will have auto-toner fulfillment.
Your bill will consist of a total number of monochrome and color pages printed that billing cycle, and each total will be billed at a per page rate. These totals will be collected by the software (network devices) and manually (non-network devices) by a DSI tech or requested from the end-user.



I have a non-network (local/stand-alone) device.

  • If your device is not connected to the network, please contact DSI using the information on the equipment ID tag to order supplies. End-users are responsible for notifying DSI when their non-network device needs supplies.

My printer has an error, do I contact DSI or the internal IT department.

  • Please use the information on the equipment ID tag to place a service call with DSI. DSI will assess your device and if the issue is an IT matter, the DSI technician will communicate with your IT department.

My device says low toner, but I haven’t received anything.

  • 1) The manufacturers default settings will indicate a low toner message at a specific percentage; however the software takes into account the volume of pages being printed as well as the toner yield.
    For example: A 10,000 yield toner at 10% would last approximately 1,000 more pages. Depending on the user, 1,000 pages could last months or days.
  • 2) Do you have a non-network device? If so, please use the information on the equipment ID tag to request toner.
  • 3) Please feel free to contact us. We understand it takes time to acclimate to a new program. Should at any time you have a concern, please let us know and we will assist you.