We know documents drive business processes. We specialize in the support of small and large companies in need of effective copier, network and IT services.

We analyze your document processes and recommend powerful and dependable technologies, at minimal to no cost to you. Our priority is building a lasting relationship with you. Our focus is to increase your profitability, competitive distinction, provide excellent customer service, and reduce legal liability.

DSI identifies ways to help the flow of information through your processes, we can help you minimize costs, increase profits, improve your competitive advantage, and reduce risk.

Your organization is dependent upon the reliability of the quality, accessibility, and security of your information. We analyze your document processes and recommend powerful and dependable technologies that will increase profitability, competitive distinction, enhance customer service, and reduce legal liability.

Document management solutions will increase your profitability and efficiency by reducing the time spent storing, routing and retrieving your documents.

We offer a suite of document solutions applications that can be integrated to improve your business processes.


Software by itself is not very valuable. Where the value happens is when we work with you to understand your unique business challenges and apply the software to improve your operations.


Easily build a secure, searchable library of your most important client, employee, and financial information with an electronic Document Management System. READ MORE


Scan and distribute documents via email, fax or file quickly and easily.


Basic Hardware and Level 1 IT Support surrounding the print device READ MORE