Trust DSI for Your Wide-Format and Production Print Needs

With DSI as your imaging industry partner, choosing the perfect wide-format or production print provider is easy. We work with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the imaging industry, using our expertise to create value-added imaging solutions for our customers.

Managing production printing requires equipment capable of reliably handling delicate projects with a wide variety of media types. Short, on-demand runs that require variable data customization are naturally more susceptible to errors, making the prevention of workflow bottlenecks paramount.

When it comes to wide-format printing, our selection of printers includes some of the most powerful devices in the industry. Our services help organizations deliver value and reduce consumable costs when creating large-format documents, posters, graphics, and more.

Introducing DSI’s Wide-Format Print and Production
Print Solutions

At DSI, we pride ourselves on matching our customers with the most efficient print solutions for their needs.
As an independent dealer, no one forces us to choose one manufacturer over another. This allows us to use the ideal technology for addressing our clients’ needs effectively.

  • Production Print. We can help you implement robust solutions for production print using a Konica Minolta AccurioPress series printing press. This high-speed digital device can handle monthly print orders of up to 750,000 pages, with automatic image density, color control, perfect registration, and inline finishing.
  • Next-Generation Print Controllers. We use EFI’s Fiery Command Workstation to attain higher productivity and greater efficiency when completing client orders. EFI’s Fiery interface turns production into digital print rooms capable of flexible search and filter functions, significantly speeding up print orders.
  • Digital StoreFront. We use EFI’s Digital StoreFront technology to offer web-to-print functionality to eCommerce businesses. This lets businesses automate the process of branding eCommerce websites for specific clients, companies, or departments, thereby allowing each to represent a unique brand with custom colors and logos.
  • Variable Data Printing. Fiery FreeForm allows us to flexibly create and manage templates for large print runs using variable data. For example, one of the most popular uses of this technology is personalizing every letter in a direct-mail marketing campaign – but the potential applications are limitless
  • Color Production and Media Choices. Not all printers can create high-quality documents on a variety of media types. DSI uses an OKI C942/C941 for color production on media types that other printers can’t handle, like magnetic media, transparent film, or 360 gsm card stock, while printing CMYK plus white & clear toner.
  • Wide-Format Printing. DSI maintains a range of professional wide-format printing equipment, including both KIP and HP printers. We choose between these powerful devices to ensure our customers get the highest-quality wide-format prints at the lowest cost, both in terms of time and resources consumed.

Entrust DSI With Your Most Important
Print Orders

Every wide-format or production print order is different, but they share one important aspect in common – they are always important. Marketing campaigns that rely on high-volume prints need to offer a profitable return on investment, as do wide-format posters, architectural blueprints, and vinyl signs.

When dealing with an order of this nature, it’s important to choose a print provider who is capable of meeting your expectations on the first try. There is no room for error in the world of high-volume or wide-format print.

DSI gives its customers access to the resources of a national technology provider alongside the attention and flexibility of a local business. Our team of technicians is always ready to help businesses, enterprises, and institutions create bright, compelling documents in large order runs at low cost.

Why DSI for Wide Format Solutions

  • DSI offers a broad range of services, including managed print and managed network services. Our customers can consolidate their technology needs under a single customized platform, with a single customized bill.
  • Our specialists are experts in third-party software implementations. We can help you incorporate additional functionalities into your print fleets and networking solutions. Our solutions are backed by manufacturer equipment guarantees.
  • DSI is covered by competitive pricing contracts, including GSA, NASPO, CES, and AEPA. This allows us to perform services for medical, academic, and government institutions while adhering to contractual guidelines and stipulations.
  • With offices throughout New Mexico and El Paso, we have customer support team members available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On-site technical assistance is never more than 4 hours away, guaranteed.

Make DSI Your Imaging Advisor

DSI is an office equipment provider with experience creating customized solutions for New Mexico and El Paso businesses and enterprises. We put enterprise-level resources in the hands of our clients, making it easier than ever to handle challenging production print runs.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the value of our print services. One of the ways we do this is by stocking parts and consumables on-site. This simple procedure ensures uptime without incurring major costs – a win-win solution for us and our customers.

Whether for wide-format or production print, we leverage years of experience working with the tech industry’s most reputable brands to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to print wide-format documents or move production print in-house? Contact us to learn about our wide-format and production print options.