Physical Security Solutions

DSI helps you protect, detect,
deter & alert when problems arise.

Without a physical security system in place, your office or building is left open to
criminal activity, and vulnerable to physical security threats
including theft, vandalism, fraud, and even accidents.

Our holistic approach to physical security puts you in control with preventative
measures, accountability, and improved human and property safety.

Think DSI for the right technology, installation, training, and ongoing support.

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Physical Security Challenges We Solve

No Security Cameras

Video Search Difficulties

Poor Quality Capture

No Access Control (Staff & Visitors)

Theft Control & Protection

Lack of Integration

Non-Scalable Technology

Multi-Site Visibility Issues

Outdated Security Equipment

We’ve done this before

Your DSI team of security experts bring over 25 years experience providing integrated security solutions that cocoon your work sites and your technologies under one holistic security protection plan to protect, detect, deter, and alert key stakeholders when needed.

Did you know?

Popular Physical Security Solutions

Video Cameras

When properly selected, configured, and maintained, intelligent IP based video is critical to concentric circle site safety. Todays advanced IP video cameras can accurately detect and trigger deterrents. Powerful new capabilities include audio, lights, lockdown, alert notification, 2-way talking and integrated notifications for security guards and law enforcement.

DSI also provides multisite integration so you can monitor, detect, and react to security threats with a single pane of glass view for all locations without toggling between fragmented video camera systems.

Ask us about improving your current video surveillance system or creating a new one.

Entryway Access Control

Perimeter and interior entryway access management provides controlled access, increased accountability, instantaneous site wide lock down capabilities, and increased peace of mind.

Control who, when and where people enter by role and rules-based access permission.

Combining entryway access control with video surveillance cameras has quickly become the industry standard to protect your people, your facility, and your assets.

Let’s talk about Entry Access Control for your organization.

Security Benefits

Leverage our experience for the protection you need.

Visitor Vetting

Multi-Site Camera Visibility

Real Time Emergency Data

Risk Mitigation

Theft Reduction

Insurance Savings

Cost Savings

Regulatory Compliance

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