Direct mail is still a very effective but time-consuming marketing tool. Are you still doing your office mailing old school? Handwriting each address, posting each individual piece, and sealing each with an envelope bottle or an old sponge? Could your business benefit from the increased productivity you’ll enjoy by adding an automated, streamlined mailing system to your daily workflow?

A next generation mailing system will save you hours, boost productivity, reduce errors, and ultimately put more money in your pocket.

What is a Next Generation Mailing Solution?

A next generation mailing system acts as a self-contained mail room. It consists of a digital postage meter partnered with powerful tracking and analytics software to simplify the mailing process, including weighing, applying postage, mailing, and shipping.

A mailing system reduces your need for manual mailroom personnel by automating and expediting the preparation, processing, output, and delivery of outgoing mail.

Your mail always gets the correct postage. That means no more rejected or returned pieces, overage charges, and most importantly, no more stress in the process!

The Benefits of a Next Generation Mailing System

New generation mailing concept.Mailing systems help speed up the mailing process going through the postal system. They also increase security when opening, scanning and tracking your sensitive documents. Plus, your mail can be customized and handled in a controlled, economical manner.

Get Mint Next Generation Mailing Technology with DSI!

Here at DSI, we’re extremely proud to carry the next generation mailing system technology from Mint. It not only simplifies the process of communicating with customers, but it can also take your image and brand to the next level! Here are some Mint solution features:

  • Produce full-color, full-bleed, 1600 x 1600 dpi digital printing with color matching technology
  • Run thousands of pieces of verified and intelligently sorted pieces including catalogs, and DVDs from up to 12 feed stations
  • Provide precise, crisp, folds
  • Quick and accurate application of postage to outgoing first class mail
  • Apply tabs to self-mailers in direct mail campaigns

Mint also offers ease-of-use products like letter openers and joggers to make your office mail room even more efficient!

Next generation mailing technology from Mint and DSI is just one way you can maximize productivity in your business. If you’re ready to learn more, give our team of office technology experts a call. Let us show you how we can help you to incorporate cutting-edge technology and devices into your business.

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