Excellent customer service is the difference between a good HVAC company and a great one! In addition to regular and requested maintenance services, customers expect a reliable HVAC company to provide an accurate arrival estimate, provide proper and timely billing, and keep impeccable records. The truth is, the customer experience often overtakes price as a key differentiator.

HVAC business deal with a large amount of paperwork on a daily basis, and this can lead to frustration, mistakes, and human error. This is where a digital document management system can make a huge impact on your business. Digital DMS can streamline processes, simplify record keeping, and provide fast access to information.

Here are some challenges you may face, and how a document management system from DSI and our partner Square 9 can help you grow your business!

Challenge Number One – Access to Information

Paper documents can get lost and cost you time as your employees search for them on the job site, or in the office. Lost information can negatively impact your business and reputation.

The Solution

Document management software can store digitized and signed documents eliminating the need for hard copies and the time spent searching for them. You can locate the critical information you need like purchase orders, invoices, or expense reports on any device from anywhere with internet access. Not only that, but you’ll reduce expenses by eliminating paper-based processes. A DMS can improve the customer experience by simplifying workflows adding value to your business.

When your information is organized, you’ll build trust with customers and vendors. This can result in increased new and repeat business!

Challenge Number Two – Keeping Technology Current

Technology is evolving at an ever-accelerating rate. This can be challenging, especially in the HVAC industry, where many employees lack the skills or are not open to technological change. This can keep you using familiar tools long after they have stopped helping.

The Solution

DSI and Square 9 will work with you to get your team up, running, and comfortable with your new software, workflows, and processes. Our solution will seamlessly integrate into your workflows and we’ll work with your team for as long as it takes!

Challenge Number Three – Onboarding and Documentation

Onboarding new staff means a pile of paperwork, filling repetitive information into multiple forms. Records can change and that can impact your organization’s effectiveness.

The Solution

Digitizing documents make it easy to store, edit, search and retrieve information. You can repopulate information into multiple forms with a mouse click. Enabling automatic notification of post-hire activities will boost your HR team’s productivity and efficiencies. A Document Management System from DSI and Square 9 allows immediate access to the information you need on any device. It can streamline the approval process with digital signature capabilities and automate post-hire processes like benefits enrolment and reviews. 

Want to learn more? DSI offers a free consultation to help you take a proactive approach to the challenges your HVAC company might face now and in the future. A good DMS contributes in many ways, from improving business practices and customer experience to creating more efficient workflows that translate directly to your company’s bottom line!

Let us show you how we can automating your processes with a digital document management system and help you differentiate your brand, organize, and grow your HVAC company!