One key consequence of the pandemic is the growing demand for better transparency in transport and logistics. With growing customer demand, tighter cross-border controls, and the need for reliable supply chain tracking, businesses are under pressure to improve their administrative workflows. Electronic document management is one solution.

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Old processes can be costly, especially if you’re handling supply chains that cross state or international borders. Replacing a manual paper-based system or a partial electronic system with a streamlined document management solution can go far in enhancing operational efficiency. This can provide you with huge cost savings.

Here are a few of the benefits:

File Retrieval

With a DMS, employees can easily store, share, and retrieve documents. Instead of a stack of papers, employees only need to type in a keyword or phrase to retrieve the documents they need. This can greatly improve workflow efficiency and employee productivity, translating to lower costs. 

Going paperless reduces clutter and work but also helps with compliance. The consequences of misfiling documents are huge! Digitization and automation can help you avoid issues.

Document Storage and Security

Hardcopy records can get damaged, lost, or compromised. If you still use paper-based workflows, you’re likely spending money on storage and security. Data recovery after an event like a natural disaster can also be costly.

With a cloud-based DMS, you can cost-effectively keep your information safe and secure. You can additionally secure your data by restricting employee access based on need. You can also use a web-based interface to track actions and modifications to every file.

Equipment and Supply

A digital DMS allows you to quickly produce receipts, POs, and other documents related to loading group, delivery type, and shipping point. Plus, developing a digital DMS means that you can go paperless in most areas of your business processes, reducing waste and saving money.

Electronic Signature

Integrating the ability to e-sign documents can streamline processes like sign-off, freight handover, delivery, and internal approvals. Instead of scanning or faxing, documents can be filled out and legally signed using online templates.

Freight Services must be reliable, cost-effective, and stick to strict timelines. Documents need to be retrievable immediately, whether it’s to monitor a shipment or answer a customer request. DSI Software Solutions can help you easily enforce compliance policies, avoid fines or penalties, create a reliable supply chain, and control costs. 

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