Video surveillance technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Long gone are the days of grainy CCTV that was only useful as long as someone physically sat there and watched. These days, digital security cameras take full advantage of our hyper-connected, digital world. Leveraging sophisticated tech such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and infrared lighting, security cameras have evolved into a potent frontline intrusion detection tactic. However, one company, known as Mobotix, stands out from the rest.

Mobotix has designed and developed a full line of intelligent video surveillance hardware and software for industries which experience large volumes of foot traffic. Its innovative approach to security has made its cameras unique in security. Read on to learn how Mobotix has embraced the next generation of video surveillance.

Mobotix Goes Beyond Human Vision

What does it mean to go beyond the human vision? For Mobotix, the ability to do so lies at the core of its philosophy. Mobotix strives to accomplish what no other video surveillance company has ever done: create an interconnected web of smart devices which extend the ability of humans to monitor an environment.

Mobotix takes the stand that security is not a standalone effort. Rather, it’s an ecosystem comprised of human efforts which are extended through the use of nonhuman tools. As such, Mobotix security cameras come laden with tools that accomplish exactly what the human eye cannot do: spot patterns, anomalies, and intrusions in environments the human eye cannot penetrate.

The Capabilities of the Most Modern Camera Tech

Mobotix stands at the forefront of technologically advanced video surveillance cameras, with features which make security cameras more useful in a much wider variety of contexts. Some of these features include:

1. Thermography

Heat sensing cameras help identify areas of heat in a facility. Use them in server rooms to identify machines which are overheating or see in total darkness where it may be difficult to spot an approaching individual.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Leverage AI and machine learning to increase the speed of reporting, automate the detection of product flaws, or spot suspicious behavior based on a database of knowns. Mobotix leverages both in its cameras to help security professionals save time and energy with manual observation.

3. Smart Integration

For years, video surveillance represented a disparate element of a security strategy. With Mobotix, security cameras now represent a fully integrated solution which works in tandem with other access control and intrusion detection initiatives.

Mobotix Partners with Innovators

Technology is constantly changing, and Mobotix embraces that change as an opportunity for innovation. Since its inception, the company has made a point of partnering with innovators across a variety of industries to develop a more comprehensive security environment for its customers. Some initiatives include:

? Intelligent Video Security Solution with Konica Minolta. This innovative solution helps businesses bridge the gap between IT security practices and physical devices.

? Integrated VMS with Milestone Systems. As a world leader of open platform video management software, Milestone Systems has partnered with Mobotix to develop a VMS solution which increases the integration of video surveillance and other parts of a company’s security model.

? Next-generation biometric face identification with Dermalog. Known as the biometrics innovation leader, Dermalog partnered with Mobotix to develop additional ways for security professionals to identify and vet individuals.

? IP decoding solutions with Eizo. Computer monitors aren’t built to handle video surveillance software. However, through the partnership between Mobotix and Eizo, it becomes much easier for companies to use their own devices rather than purchasing a specialized monitor.

? Integrated security network infrastructure with Nelysis. By partnering with a cybersecurity network, Mobotix strengthens its ability to integrate fully with security ecosystems to help users stay secure.

DSI Delivers the Next Generation of Security Technology

Mobotix is paving the way for a rethinking of how video surveillance fits into a company’s wide security strategy. By leveraging advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and thermography, Mobotix helps businesses create a fully integrated security ecosystem wherein threats are detected and neutralized before they can create havoc.

DSI is thrilled to bring Mobotix on board as yet another offering to clients building a robust security environment. In combination with strong access control and intrusion protection, video surveillance is instrumental in maintaining a safe, secure facility.

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