For healthcare organizations, there are two things to consider when relying on in-place information technology systems for access control. The first is ease of use and the second is security.

In fact, access control for healthcare is considered a vital security measure, particularly since the rapid introduction of COVID-19 into the general population has made health screening upon entry a critical endeavor at healthcare facilities’ points of entry.

Since many of these facilities operate on a 24/7 basis, it is crucial to be able to screen and grant access to authorized individuals at any given time while creating a safe and secure environment for both staff and patients.

In the past, access control was used to promote patient, staff, and visitor safety, but today’s needs have expanded to include the improvement of patient care.

We can use access control technologies to shield patients from potential infection, prevent the spread of disease, and integrate with other systems such as cameras and speakers to protect and shield high-risk patients or keep areas safe from unauthorized personnel.

Access Control Technologies for the Modern Healthcare Facility

In a post-COVID environment, access control is more important than ever. That is why progressive healthcare organizations are using state-of-the-art technologies to keep their facilities safe and secure.

We have curated some of the latest — and most impactful — technologies that are easy to deploy in your facility today.

Visitor and Employee Screening

OneScreen GoSafe has a body temperature and facial recognition scanner that sets the standard for access control in a world still concerned about COVID.

With three configurations to serve all entry spaces — wall mounted for gate access, a vertical stand, and a desktop model — the GoSafe provides industrial-grade access control support for a range of business applications.

In a nutshell, the GoSafe offers a trinity of screening features — facial recognition to detect authorized versus unauthorized personnel, the ability to detect the deployment of a facial covering, and the ability to detect body temperature abnormalities.

Temperatures can be detected as far as one meter away from the device, with a half-meter distance providing the best results. It only takes a few seconds for detection, reducing bottlenecks at entry points.

Facial recognition features include support for up to 30,000 faces in a database with a live detection accuracy rate of 98.3%, even when individuals are wearing a facial covering such as a PPE mask to prevent infection spread.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a critical security strategy for enterprises with a brick-and-mortar facility. And with the advent of new technologies that feature optical recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) come a host of greater efficiencies for both small and large businesses.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Small Health Facilities

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are able to access high-level video surveillance with the deployment of cloud-based technologies that offer lower purchasing costs, continual system updating to reduce the need for in-house IT personnel, and video feeds through any internet connection.

With no local servers needed, cloud solutions also eliminate the need for expensive storage space and temperature-controlled environments for infrastructure.

Enterprise Level Power for Larger Businesses

Larger businesses may want to use on-site installations to allow for the amount of bandwidth 24/7 streaming requires. For companies already employing in-house personnel, an onsite system can be easier to manage and allow for more complex system integrations.

Whichever you choose, modern video surveillance technology provides the following controls:

  • Access control through live security camera visitor vetting
  • Operations management through analysis of visitor behavior patterns
  • Real-time emergency data
  • Security analytics to improve security at all entry points
  • Improvement of workplace safety protocols

In today’s security-conscious environment, having video surveillance options at your facility can give both staff and patients and extra level of comfort, providing a better overall experience.

DSI Partners with Leaders in Access Control for a Variety of Choices

At DSI, we have curated the leading access control technologies for our healthcare and business clients to bring them the widest, most secure applications for their specific needs.

Our video surveillance partners include industry leaders such as Mobotix, Assa Abloy, and Genetec among others, giving both large and small facilities a wide range of choices that can target problem areas and provide the highest level of protection at the lowest cost.

With the addition of OneScreen’s GoSafe facial recognition and temperature scanning system, your facility will be ready to provide the safest environment possible for staff, visitors, and patients.

Protect your healthcare facilities with affordable state-of-the-art technologies. Contact a DSI representative today and learn how simple access control can be.