Epson has long been known as a company with a commitment to the environment and the development of environmentally conscious products. Their business philosophy of developing efficient, compact and precise technologies, known as “Sho-Sho-Sei” in Japan—has been infused into every Epson product.

If you’re looking to reduce your business’ environmental impact, consider equipping your office with eco-friendly machines, like those from Epson. Besides reducing the burden on the environment, these machines can offer significant financial benefits for the company.

Environmental Benefits

Here’s why Epson inkjet printers are the ideal choice for any environmentally conscious organization:

  • Unlike laser printers, Epson inkjets consume less electricity as they do not use heat in the printing process. As such, you can save up to 85 percent more energy versus running a laser printer. For businesses that print more frequently, this is a huge savings in annual electricity bills.
  • Epson inkjet printers help minimize waste. Instead of replacing the toner, fusers, drum, developer, and many other components as you would with laser models, Epson printers only require a change of ink and waste ink box. Such minimal replacements mean the long-term environmental impact of a single Epson printer is lower than that of a traditional laser printer.
  • In addition to low replacement needs, Epson inkjet printers use less consumables than other printers. This, in turn, reduces downtime and the frequency of maintenance. As a result, your office will experience maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Bonus: The initial and long-term costs of Epson inkjets are much lower than for other printers.

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Efficiency and Cost Savings

The design and technology of Epson inkjet printers ensure businesses save on energy without sacrificing quality and speed. For instance, the WorkForce line of Epson inkjets produces minimal waste while maximizing your uptime. With the WF-C20590 series, you can print at half the cost of using laser models while producing even superior quality. Whether you want a black or color print, Epson guarantees a superfast initial page with minimal warm-up time. Busy workgroups will benefit immensely from this series.

Final Thoughts

Epson inkjet printers offer both ecological and business benefits. Environmentally, they lower a company’s carbon footprint as they consume up to 85 percent less energy over traditional laser printers. Bearing that in mind, the printers help reduce overall business costs, including expenditure on energy and maintenance. If you’d like to learn more about Epson technology, give us a call and ask us for a free demo!

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