Today the way we work has changed. With more of your team working remotely, businesses are searching for information management solutions that allow secure access to capture, store, and organize essential information.

GlobalSearch C2 Business Essentials is a powerful solution. Built on the GlobalSearch cloud platform, Business Essentials offers companies a highly-secure, powerful suite of content management tools to optimize your businesses’ digital strategy.

A Cloud-Based Information Management Software Solution

With GlobalSearch C2 Business Essentials, you can leverage your multifunction printer’s scanning capabilities to transition your business to our digital content management platform. Using your MFP, you can scan, manage, and store documents on a secure and accessible cloud platform.

GlobalSearch C2 offers built-in solutions for managing Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, and Contract Management content, as well as supporting common business applications.

Access, manage and share important files from anywhere with Internet access at any time. With GlobalSearch C2, your organization will cut costs, improve collaboration, secure your content, and remain compliant with state and federal regulations.

Because GlobalSearch C2 is a cloud-based solution, you eliminate the need to manage an internal hardware infrastructure. There is never a need to upgrade or perform time-consuming backups to protect your information. 

Be Prepared for Any Event

With GlobalSearch C2 Business Essentials, you’ll be prepared in the event of a natural disaster, human error, or a mechanical malfunction. With automatic backup and disaster recovery, you’ll ensure business continuity. Because your data is securely stored on an external platform, with 99.9% uptime and durability, you can rest assured that your information is safe and accessible. 

Scalable Services and Upgrades

As your business grows, GlobalSearch C2 can scale to meet your changing needs. You can easily add and manage users or add optional solutions like workflow automation and web forms management to improve efficiency. 

Designed to deliver immediate results, GlobalSearch C2 Business Essentials offers customizable, vertically designed solutions and includes all of the tools you need to manage your business content successfully.

Are you ready to get your business information under control? Call your DSI representative today to learn how transitioning your organization to GlobalSearch C2 Business Essentials can help you cut your costs, improve your productivity, and grow your business!