Technology can offer a definite benefit to society — and businesses — if they are prepared to evolve and adapt.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is proof of this: Businesses that have embraced specific technologies as necessities rather than options have turned the vulnerabilities that arose during the crisis into assets.

Specifically, the harnessing of digital technologies were sped up by the pandemic, resulting in 79% of surveyed decision-makers increasing their budgets for digital transformation.

The main areas for transformation? Contactless transactions are on the front line, with multiple forms of communication being considered to help keep clients and employees safer and healthier.

New forms of collaboration have emerged as remote working becomes the “new normal” for specific segments of our workforce. This means adapting to new environments, using system-relevant technologies to bring teams together, and reducing the burden of stress on employees as they settle into a new way to work.

Finally, security directors and office administrators are being forced to break new ground as they must think beyond the strictures of simple physical security. Today’s businesses have a mandate to reopen — and stay open — safely.

And that includes integrating medical safety requirements with existing access and security control systems.

While these trends may seem overwhelming, particularly for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), they are easily managed with today’s emerging technologies.

Emerging Technologies Help SMBs Navigate New Business Trends

With business practices undergoing a complete turnaround, business owners and customers have had to adjust to significant changes in the way we work, play, and live.

Fortunately, new technologies have come to the forefront to help businesses keep pace with COVID-related business trends.

We have curated a few significant examples of how these simple, easy-to-deploy technology tools can help your business thrive in a post-COVID environment.

Assistive Technologies for Remote Work and Learning

At the base of all business functions is the need for efficient communication and effective collaboration. In a post-COVID world, this is even more critical as employees are spread out, working from both virtual environments and on-premises.

Two technologies take aim at helping businesses across all industries, from retail to healthcare to education — and beyond — create an environment where information can be easily shared, curated, and edited.

Interactive Whiteboards – Digital whiteboards bring flexible, scalable collaboration to any environment from the school room to the board room.

They provide everything you require, including software and hardware, in one simple-to-use multifunctional device that allows team members to stream video, voice, and data.

Using these interactive whiteboards your team can screen share, survey, record, edit and annotate, and save to help employees examine facts, whiteboard solutions, and collaborate effectively — regardless of location.

Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) – VoIP not only increases the effectiveness of your communications system, it also reduces costs, giving your business an edge in today’s budget-conscious environment.

VoIP technology offers remote calling and the capability of turning any network-enabled device into a telephone. This allows employees to stay connected, regardless of their work location. VoIP offers a simple web portal to allow access from any device and can be configured with a number of features such as Caller ID, automatic call recording, voice-to-text, and other typical features.

Technology to Promote a Safe Reopening

Health safety verification is essential for businesses looking to give visitors and employees the confidence of a safe environment.

Thermal Scanners – Thermal scanners combine access control with cutting-edge technology that incorporates any number of safety factors such as facial recognition, identification of proper facial covering, and detection of elevated body temperature.

These stand-alone or table-top devices can provide assurance that individuals entering your premises have met specific health and safety measures.

Trust DSI for the Latest Assistive Technologies for Your Business

At DSI, we have worked diligently throughout this latest crisis to curate the best technologies to address the current business challenges and changes.

Our team of experts have partnered with industry leaders to bring you the preferred, most cost-effective solutions to your post-COVID business needs. From modern voice technologies to connect your scattered workforce to interactive whiteboards that amplify the power of collaborative teamwork, we provide scalable, flexible choices that target your specific business needs.

For those businesses that have a brick-and-mortar location, we provide cutting-edge access control systems and health safety solutions to ensure your customers — and your employees — are as safe as possible.

Discover the power today’s technologies can bring to your business. Contact a DSI representative today and learn how you can integrate these solutions to foster a more adaptable, agile business model.