Konica Minolta is one of DSI’s most important partners for delivering world-class technology solutions to growth-oriented small businesses and enterprises in New Mexico and Texas. We rely on Konica Minolta technology to offer our customers best-in-class security and efficiency while reducing print consumption and improving output quality.

As part of our ongoing commitment to sharing the most important technological advances in the imaging industry with our customers and partners, we would like to highlight some of the most recent steps Konica Minolta has taken towards identifying and addressing today’s business needs with tomorrow’s technology.

Four Highlights for Konica Minolta Business Solutions

As one of the world’s largest and most reputable imaging manufacturers, Konica Minolta covers a great deal of ground very quickly. Between drawing important conclusions from massive small business surveys to earning world-class security distinctions in third-party security tests, the company finds time to innovate and constantly release new products. We’ve covered some of the most newsworthy items:

1. WorkHub Survey Finds Small Businesses Settling for Underperforming Technology

In August 2018, Konica Minolta conducted a survey of small and mid-sized businesses, finding that the majority of these organizations are settling for technology solutions that underdeliver. The comprehensive report finds that small business IT is often treated as an afterthought by executives who often neglect to consider IT a principal strategic element for business success.

Despite increased costs, lower productivity, and poor output quality, 95% of small and mid-sized businesses claim to be satisfied with their current IT solutions. At the same time, 91% say that an integrated all-in-one multi-vendor system would be relevant to their organizations.

This indicates that while small business executives are generally pleased with short-term IT performance, they don’t plan far enough ahead to prepare for digital transformation needs that come along with growth. They often delay upgrading critical technology solutions and fall behind their competition as a result.

2. Konica Minolta Multifunction Printers Safeguard Data from Hackers

In October 2018, Konica Minolta subjected some of its latest multifunction printers to a series of security tests carried out by NTT DATA, a respected Texas-based cybersecurity contractor that operates 10 security operations centers and employs more than 1,5000 security experts. NTT DATA is partner to 88 percent of Fortune 100 companies.

Konica Minolta wanted to find out if its latest line of multifunction printers were susceptible to cyberattack along the latest threat vectors identified in the security industry. NTT DATA’s report finds that Konica Minolta devices are well-fortified against hacking attacks of all kinds.

3. Konica Minolta Unveils a New Wide Format Printer: The AccurioWide 200

Konica Minolta Business Solutions marked its first exposition as the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) exposition in Las Vegas by unveiling a new wide format signage and display printer, the AccurioWide 200 hybrid UV LED Inkjet Printer. This printer combines some of the latest developments in high-impact signage printing, bringing robust solutions to print providers across a range of industries.

The SGIA exposition is an important meeting point for an estimated 20,000 graphic industry professionals and thought leaders who gather annually to advance the industry and adopt the latest printing technology. The AccurioWide 200 represents a new standard in the ability for signage and display printers to create durable, high quality printed materials while maintaining low ownership costs and reducing ink and media consumption.

4. Konica Minolta Launches Two High Speed Printing Presses

Commercial printers who rely on Konica Minolta Business Solutions for high-impact, high-volume production printing will soon be able to capitalize on the company’s latest releases: the WEBJet 100D and WEBJet 200D. These high-speed production printing presses are compatible with a wide range of plain and inkjet-treated media types, and offer ultra-fast performance of up to 2000 duplex pages per minute.

The new WEBJet series printers have acquisition and operating costs far lower than that of the nearest competing printer models. This gives mid-sized commercial print shops a viable means of entering new business sectors while reducing operating costs and improving profitability.

The WEBJet series of printers are the result of a strategic partnership between Konica Minolta and Super Web, a respected name in the world of large volume continuous feed print technology. The WEBJet printers fill an important gap in the Konica Minolta product portfolio while giving Super Web the foundation for a worldwide customer base.

Trust DSI to Deploy Konica Minolta Hardware in Your Office

Konica Minolta Business Solutions is dedicated to defining the Workplace of the Future by expanding its smart office product portfolio and integrating imaging equipment with IT infrastructure. DSI expertise can help you integrate the latest Konica Minolta equipment into your workflows, improving efficiency throughout your office with best-in-class technology.

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