The Parker Center for Family Business aims to help plan, manage, and grow family businesses in New Mexico. Founded by James and Linda Parker, the center focuses on the unique challenges to family businesses. The PCFB provides CPAs, lawyers, and other community professionals that specialize in creating general wealth from a family-owned business. Fun fact, over half of the businesses in Albuquerque are family owned and operated and 70% don’t even survive through the second generation. Rather than focusing on coaching just the owners of the business, the PCFB provides resources that educate families through next generation leadership development workshops and family business credentialing programs.  

The PCFB also features Women in Business seminars that empower women. Who is an excellent example of a female business leader? The PCFB’s very own president, Jocelyn Gorman, who has been with local company Document Solutions Inc. since 2011, or unofficially, since the day she was born. Jocelyn has been growing her family’s company and rose to the top as DSI’s VP of Sales. Aside from her daily schedule of leading DSI’s sales and marketing team, Jocelyn manages and leads board/executive committee meetings. Facilitates the relationship between Anderson and the PCFB, leads planning for yearly goals, prospects, and notifies the community of PCFB events and goals 

Jocelyn first became involved with the PCFB through a peer group, Next Gen Leadership, that consisted of five individuals from family businesses that the executive committee cherry picked from the community. This was a yearlong program that led Jocelyn to dive headfirst into activities with the center. From there, she went on to be involved with many of the committees that facilitate the center’s activities, including anything from webinars to workshops. It wasn’t long before Jocelyn was asked to be a part of PCFB’s executive committee, but she didn’t stop there. Last year the PCFB requested that Jocelyn step up as its president, becoming the first family business employee to be president of the PCFB.