For over 140 years, the analog copper-wire phone lines have kept us communicating. Technology is evolving rapidly, and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or plain old telephone service (POTS) is reaching the end of its life.

After over 140 years, it’s no surprise that other technologies like mobile phone networks and VoIP phone service have surpassed the need for the POTS infrastructure. FCC order FCC19-72A1 was released in August of 2019. This Federal Communications Commission order mandated that all copper lines in the US must be replaced with alternative services like wireless communications or fiber optic lines as of August 2, 2022.

However, businesses that still rely on POTS can face potential problems. There are three main reasons that businesses are still using POTS:

  1. Inertia – Many companies that have relied on POTS technology for years haven’t gotten around to making the transition to digital technology. It’s getting harder to cope as monthly rates continue to increase.
  2. Reliability – If there is a power outage or the internet goes down, POTS lines continue to work because copper phone wires have their own power source.
  3. Legacy Systems – Millions of mission-critical legacy devices need POTS lines to operate. They range from elevator phones to fire alarm panels and public safety phones to building access systems and more. Regulatory requirements or lack of online access make these devices unable to transition to digital technology.

But, Can We Still Fax?

If faxing is a part of your daily business, you might encounter problems after the switch from analog. Fax machines do not work well over wireless networks or fiber. The retirement of POTS will be problematic for schools, clinics, and offices that use faxes as part of everyday workflows.

A simple solution is the implementation of a cloud fax service. Cloud fax services offer users many benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency allows you to fax securely from anywhere.
  • Eliminates the need and expense of fax hardware and analog lines.
  • Increases security with centralized records, and direct delivery.
  • Decreases compliance risks for key regulations like HIPAA.

Cloud fax services let users send and receive faxes from anywhere on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. August 2 is right around the corner. If you haven’t made the transition to digital services, now is the time. Call your DSI representative today and let us show you the latest communications technology for business.

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