HP has been hard at work creating new and innovative imaging solutions for business and home users. As one of the largest and most respected electronics manufacturers in the world, HP technology sets the tone for user expectations in the imaging and computing industries.

HP’s dedication to the print industry was made clear one year ago when it acquired Samsung’s print division in a landmark $1.05 billion dollar deal. Customers and stakeholders alike have been excited to see what the manufacturer will do with access to Samsung’s 6,500 print patents and a workforce of 1,300 experts in laser technology and imaging electronics.

The industry is now seeing the results of the combination of Samsung engineering under HP leadership. Some of the manufacturer’s new releases seem to be directly related to the company’s new assets, and industry insiders are beginning to take notice.

HP has consistently been gaining market share over its primary rivals – Japanese manufacturers Canon and Epson. Its new product lines and innovative technologies will help it exert greater control over the global imaging market.

HP Printer News: The Three Latest Releases

HP’s newest releases make full use of the company’s resources while holding true to its reputation for innovation. These span the range from best-in-class portable printing to powerful, versatile solutions for print service providers.

1. The HP Sprocket Plus

The HP Sprocket Plus is a pocket-sized printer that can make impressive photo-quality images using your smartphone camera. It uses special 2.3-by-3.4-inch ZINK paper produces images 30% larger than last year’s original Sprocket.

As the thinnest printer on the market, it is entirely reliant on the accompanying Android or iOS app that functions as its interface. This device lets users print pictures directly from social media or from their device cameras.

One of the most interesting capabilities of the HP Sprocket Plus is its Embedded Experience feature. This is an augmented reality feature that prints an unnoticeable watermark on Sprocket images. When other Sprocket App users view the image in the app, it will reveal information about the picture, including what it contains, where it was made, and who made it.

The potential real-world social media implications of this kind of augmented reality technology are exciting. Although HP Sprocket Plus users may not use this capability to its fullest extent, it points to future capabilities in the intersection between imaging and augmented reality.

2. The HP Tango

The HP Tango is a voice-activated home printer that offers a few innovative features. First, it can take smart speaker commands from Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana, which makes it an enticing home printer option for users who already use voice-activated home assistants.

The small printer is designed with mobile users in mind. It allows smartphone users to instantly print from anywhere, offering impressively high quality physical prints at a competitive price per page.

This is no business printer – its size capacity is limited to 5-by-7-inch borderless prints and it holds 50 pages at a time. However, it offers scanning and copying capabilities to smartphone users with the addition of HP’s Smart App Control application. This can make it very useful for home users with light, on-the-go print needs.

3. The R1000 Latex Printer

Print service providers that need to deliver on large signage orders while maintaining workflow efficiency and high-volume production have traditionally relied on the HP R2000 Latex Printer. However, The R2000 printer’s $282,000 list price puts it out of reach for medium-sized print shops and businesses looking to expand their rigid printing capabilities.

The R1000 Latex Printer is the answer to this problem. It allows smaller print shops to offer best-in-class rigid latex printing and white ink capability at a reduced price compared to any similar offering on the market. The practical benefit to this approach is that it puts rigid printing in the hands of print providers that may not have orders of high enough volumes to justify purchasing the R2000.

As a hybrid printer, it accommodates a variety of workflows common to small and mid-sized print shop environments. Its versatility and smaller form factor make it ideal for print shops that have to work with space constraints.

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