Hospitals and healthcare practitioners often work in stressful environments where they see many patients and events occur rapidly. Depending on the exact size of the facility, there could be thousands of visitors coming and going every day. In this dynamic environment, keeping track of every hallway, entrance, room, or storage area can seem impossible.

What’s more concerning is that hospitals need to ensure they protect dangerous substances, patient information, and prevent the theft of controlled pharmaceutical compounds. While budgets are failing to keep up with security concerns, facilities should look to leverage technology to make up the shortfall.

Milestone XProtect Professional Can Help

Just like any other publicly accessible facility, hospitals need to keep doors open while also protecting the vulnerable patients in their care. Incidents of theft, data security breaches, and violence against staff continue to rise. This requires administrators and office managers to take action and ensure they can protect all of their team members and patients.

Milestone XProtect is a software solution that has helped thousands of businesses get the most out of their video surveillance systems. Designed by security professionals, it reduces the complexity of setting up an integrated video network and helps staff to manage all the cameras from a central location. As one of the world’s leading Video Management Software (VMS) systems, Milestone XProtect makes it possible for hospitals to keep their staff, assets, and patients safe.

The Benefits of Milestone XProtect Professional

The VMS solution uses a network of cameras to stream and capture footage from dedicated locations to a central server. Compared to traditional analog systems, Milestone XProtect Professional uses network-enabled cameras to capture footage. The company has more than twenty years of experience in the industry, enabling them to develop a robust security management platform for its customers. Here are some of the best Milestone VMS features.

1. Reliable Infrastructure

Unlike some other solutions, Milestone’s VMS works with different cameras. In fact, the solution supports more than 8,500 different devices, making it one of the most versatile security solutions available. As the system uses a native, 64-bit Microsoft Server with a recording capacity of at least 3.1 Gigabits per second, it operates reliably all day, every day. Milestone XProtect also has three flexible viewing clients to keep administrators in control, while using a versatile rule engine to increase operational efficiency. With the rule engine, security professionals can automate their standard security tasks for improved productivity.

2. Suitable for a Variety of Applications using Customization

Often, hospitals have already spent a large amount of money on security solutions and infrastructure. With Milestone XProtect, these investments won’t go to waste, as the platform is customizable while also supporting a large variety of devices. The system also comes with advanced integrations with other software systems, and hospitals will have access to a community of integrated applications. Hospitals can also develop their solution around their unique needs, making it an affordable and robust security management solution.

3. Scale Video Surveillance as Required

Licenses for Milestone VMS doesn’t come in batches. Hospitals pay for each device the system manages. When the facility requires additional cameras, they can expand their system as needed. Milestone XProtect Professional can support a few devices on a local network while also being able to scale to thousands of devices spanning multiple locations. This makes Milestone a reliable and expandable platform for all video surveillance processes.

4. Easy to Use and Designed for Simplicity

Whenever an institution implements a new software system or tool, it may be necessary to provide advanced training to their staff to use it correctly. Milestone XProtect is simple to learn and has an intuitive interface to get operators in control as soon as possible. Designed with simplicity and sophistication in mind, Milestone XProtect has interactive maps, customizable user interfaces, and a centralized search facility to find information relating to a specific event quickly.

5. Secure Solution for Securing Hospitals

Milestone XProtect uses advanced security to protect the entire system. It comes with an array of security mechanisms built-in to keep data protected from internal and external threats. Using user access permissions, end-to-end evidence handling, and secure encryption, all data can remain out of the hands of unauthorized people. Security and safety staff can also access the system from handheld, mobile, or desktop devices using their authorized credentials.

Securing Hospitals with Technology Solutions from DSI

Hospitals have unique security concerns and should look to use the latest technologies to protect against threats. Document Solutions Inc. is a technology enabling company that works with entities to develop innovative solutions to address operational issues. For hospitals that need to leverage the latest solutions to improve their facility’s security, DSI can assist. With so many regulations and risks that exist in the healthcare industry, partnering with a technology expert can help institutions navigate the new threat landscape.

If your hospital needs a security upgrade and wants more information about Milestone XProtect’s features and capabilities, speak to DSI today.