The COVID-19 pandemic has presented business owners and managers with unique challenges in helping to keep their staff safe and healthy.

While continuing to follow regular business, industry and government guidelines and regulations, businesses must add another level of protection during the pandemic crisis.

DSI has been diligent in providing a healthy and safe work environment by not only implementing new safety guidelines, but new technologies as well. From requiring face masks, providing sanitation stations, employing social distancing measures, and self-quarantining protocol for traveling team members, to staggering in-office and remote hours for staff, DSI is proud to have facilitated a safe and healthy workplace for its team.

DSI has also introduced a new temperature detection, facial and PPE mask recognition technology called the GoSafe. For more information on the GoSafe click here.

Below are the results from our COVID-19 Workplace Health and Safety survey taken by all DSI employees.