The use of education technology solutions, or EdTech, is on the rise. Many schools and campuses still have not fine-tuned their solutions to get the most out of the technology they’re implementing. Here are three reasons why customized EdTech benefits everyone on campus.

1. Answer Student Expectations with EdTech

Technology plays a critical role in education, whether educators agree or not. Modern students overwhelmingly indicate that access to technology is important in their academic careers. Some 87 percent of students expect that their school offers a technologically advanced learning environment. Schools which cannot provide such access increasingly run the risk of simply being left behind.

Students face pressure to be competitive in a digitally fluent world. The clear majority of jobs require computer literacy and a degree of technological savviness to carry out tasks. Schools, therefore, have an opportunity to customize technology in a way which teaches digital literacy and familiarity with technology students may one day use.

However, this opportunity remains largely untouched. Educators often react suspiciously or with uncertainty to the implementation of classroom technology. PWC found that only 10 percent of K-12 teachers in the US incorporate technology into daily lessons.

This creates a digital divide between teachers and students. A problem often exacerbated when students themselves bring their devices to class. For example, research indicates that students consider their smartphones valuable assets in the learning process, using them for school-related purposes even when they’re officially banned.

Schools need technology to meet the demands of the future and the expectations of their students. EdTech seeks to answer both of these needs.

2. Increase Learning with Customized Experiences

EdTech isn’t just bringing fancy devices into the classroom. It’s about applying technology to the goals of education. One of the biggest advantages of educational technology lies in its ability to personalize and customize the learning experience.

In a 1988 interview[af1] , Isaac Asimov predicted that the rise of the home computer would result in an education revolution where everyone enjoyed learning. Why? When given access to a massive library plus the ability to find the answer to any question, human nature would take over, and people would satiate their curiosity.

Isaac Asimov was highly critical of forced learning, where a one-size-fits-all approach stuffs empty minds with the same set of facts. This is the approach modern American education continues to develop.

However, EdTech promises an end to this type of teaching. Technology offers the ability to personalize the education process from admissions and advising to the class experience itself, this may take many forms:

  • E-advising systems which allow students to explore possible routes to graduation
  • Online portals which can be set up according to student needs
  • Access to devices on which students may learn the material better, or apps which help them understand the material in another way

Such applications of technology make learning student-centered and relevant.

3. Boost Workflow and Productivity with EdTech

Clever applications of technology extend beyond services directly for students and into the very business operations of modern educational institutions. One of these applications lies in the workflow management of departments, classrooms, and administrative processes. Here are some ways to customize technology for a campus:

1. Improve classroom management.

With teachers being asked to take on bigger class sizes and do more with less, the right tools make this seemingly insurmountable challenge feasible. Free workflow software and classroom management apps help teachers keep track of their students while sending a message that they embrace the modern reality of technology.

2. Streamline paperwork.

Multifunction printers are more than just hyper-efficient office equipment. They’re the central workhorse which turns an office into a productivity powerhouse.

A strong document solution option which relies on integration and automation smoothens and accelerates the document processes which most educational institutions deal with on a day to day level. Document solutions requires more than the basic use of a printer.

3. Increase specialized security.

Hackers target schools because school IT security is so complex and have so much sensitive data. In addition to needing robust security, different departments will need different types of security to safeguard things like student and employee data, sensitive information, and even unpublished research. Data security is an increasing priority in education and an area where no one can cut corners.

DSI Understands Education Technology Solutions

Technology is an expected and integral feature of the modern school environment. The nature of education means that many opportunities exist to embrace technology in innovative and specialized ways. We’ve shown how schools can not only implement EdTech but do so in a way which specifically benefits students and staff members.

EdTech is a massively expanding industry with many exciting and overwhelming options. There are many ways to use technology to improve the quality of the education experience your institution provides. To get started finding the best solutions for your school, contact one of our education technology solutions experts today.