Why Digitizing Your School is a Must!

Every year schools, colleges, and universities welcome new students, and each year these new students result in the generation of a wide range of documents. From applications and admission forms, to report cards, attendance and behavior records, curriculum and financial aid documents, each needs to be properly processed, filed, and retrievable. Many of these documents

Why Digitizing Your School is a Must!2022-07-28T07:50:04-06:00

COVID 19 and Business Lessons Learned

In 2020, we all faced unprecedented challenges in every area of our lives. From lockdowns and homeschooling the kids to being sent home to work, the pandemic has also caused us to change our business’s directions, behavior, and attitudes. We’ve had to make decisions we never thought we’d need to make, and the results will be

COVID 19 and Business Lessons Learned2022-07-28T08:28:14-06:00